Auto B Good "Where the Rubber Meets the Road" (2004) (Rated: NR)

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"Where the Rubber Meets the Road"

Welcome To The City Of Auto where life is good—but not perfect. The sun is bright, the snow is white, friends are made—there is even an annual parade! Birthdays are celebrated, soccer games won, races raced, and adventure done. Of course, not everything is all fun. But in the City of Auto, the Bible is more than a book—it’s the owner’s manual from the Manufacturer of all things, and everyone seeks its instruction for repairs. So fasten your seatbelt and drive on in—you’re welcome here! All that is required is an active imagination and a sense of wonder.

An Hour of Life Changing Values and Full-Throttle Fun!

  • A MILE IN THEIR TIRES - Tolerance

    Johnny and Miles are friends, as are Cali and Maria, but their differences are starting to cause problems. Will they still be friends after driving a mile on each other’s road?

  • STAGE FRIGHT - Consideration

    Izzi is excited! She has planned a show for all her friends, and they’ve all agreed to come . . . as long as the others go. It doesn’t hurt anything to miss it—or does it?

  • IZZI AND THE GIANT - Uniqueness

    There’s a new vehicle in town . . . and he’s different! He’s gigantic and must be up to no good—or so Johnny and Cali think. Can the difference be enough to save them from enormous danger?

  • RUMORS OF WAR - Patriotism

    The future home of the Super Mall prompts EJ and a few frionds to make a last stand. But are there other ways to defend the land they love and save their precious soccer field?

  • THE PRICE OF FREEDOM - Citizenship

    After peeking the curiosity of the younger cars, Franklin finally begins to share the story of his friend CJ Willey and the Big War . . . and what it means to be a citizen.

  • NO GREATER LOVE - Loyalty

    Franklin continues to tell the heroic saga of CJ Willey’s bravery and the sacrifice he made to save his soldiers.

DVD Features...

Scene Access, Deleted Scenes

Easter Eggs...


Teri Parken-Brown, Sabrina Crews, Jim Cunningham, John Farrell, Heidi Fellner, Len Goodman, Charles Hubbell, Kim Kivens, Dave Simmons

Directed By...

Gary Meyer, John Ingelin

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Auto B Good "Were the Rubber Meets the Road"

Technical Details...
Running Time:
60 mins
Release Date:
Picture Format:
Full Frame 1.33:1
Soundtrack Languages:
English: DD 5.1, English: DD 2

Word Entertainment, Razor & Tie Direct, Wet Cement Productions
Animation, Family

Auto-B-Good "Where the Rubber Meets the Road"

Auto-B-Good "Where the Rubber Meets the Road"


DVD Features:

Collection no. 99

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