Swordfish (2001) (Rated: R)

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Use a computer, go to jail. The terms of Stanley Jobson’s parole are clear. Yet a $10-million payday awaits the superhacker if he takes on a job masterminded by a charismatic covert agent—the daring electronic theft of a government slush fund codenamed Swordfish.

John Travolta is the mastermind, Hugh Jackman is the hacker and Halle Berry and Don Cheadle co-star in this volatile high-tech thriller directed by Dominic Sena (Gone in 60 Seconds) and produced by Joel Silver (The Matrix) and Jonathan D. Krane (Face/Off). Log on, tap in, kick back for cyber-edge action and suspense. Your password for excitement is Swordfish.

DVD Features...

Scene Access, Audio Commentary, Trailers, Deleted Scenes, Featurettes, Production Notes, Music Videos, DVD-ROM Content, Closed Captioned

Easter Eggs...

This disc contains several interview bits (and other stuff) that are not accessible via the regular menu system. In fact, these clips are actually designed to be accessed through the DVD-ROM section of the disc and a dedicated website as part of the Restricted Files section on the disc, and can be accessed by entering secret passwords (if the website works). However, the interviews are actually encoded as individual titles on the DVD. So, to access these from your DVD player, navigate to the following titles (a brief description of each clip is included):

Title 10 - Music video for "Planet Rock (Swordfish Mix)" by Paul Oakenfold
Title 11 - Hugh Jackman on John Travolta and dancing
Title 12 - Jackman, Travolta, Don Cheadle, & Halle Berry on their lack of computer knowledge
Title 13 - Jackman on how he became involved with the film
Title 14 - Berry on her topless scene
Title 15 - Joel Silver, Travolta, & Jackman on . . . Joel Silver
Title 16 - Travolta on his "acting method"
Title 17 - Sam Shepard on fly-fishing
Title 18 - Dominic Sena on "pushing the envelope"
Title 19 - Gallery of production art

Here are all of the passwords for the REGION 1 DVD when you are trying to gain access to the "Restricted" files from the DVD-ROM section.


Misdirection -Title 10
Hacker -Title 11
Stanley -Title 12
Mastermind -Title 13
Covert -Title 14
Patriot -Title 15
Gabriel -Title 16
Worm -Title 17
Mossad -Title 18
Deception -Title 19


John Travolta, Hugh Jackman, Halle Berry, Don Cheadle, Sam Shepard, Vinnie Jones, Drea de Matteo, Rudolf Martin, Zach Grenier, Camryn Grimes, Angelo Pagán, Chic Daniel, Kirk B.R. Woller, Carmen Argenziano, Tim DeKay, Laura Lane, Tait Ruppert, Craig Braun, William Mapother, Ilia Volok, Jonathan Fraser, Shawn Woods, Leo Lee, Marina Black, Kerry Kletter, Ryan Wulff, Ann Travolta, Margaret Travolta, Dana Hee, Denney Pierce, Jeff Ramsey, Joey Box, Debbie Evans, Samual J. Travolta, Tim Storms, Jason Christopher, Jonathan Pessin, Scott Burkholder, Mark Soper, Craig Lally, Rusty McClennon, Mark Riccardi, Debbie Entin, Natalia Sokolova, Anika Poitier, Nick Loren, Tom Morris, Richard Householder, Michael Arias, Brenda Eimers, Timothy Omundson, Astrid Veillon, Dean Rader Duval, Shane Brock, George A. Chase, Corinne Chooey, Russ Cootey, Tate Donovan, Patrick Doss, Sierra Farber, Mimi Fletcher, Travis Rosario, George Marshall Ruge

Directed By...

Dominic Sena

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Technical Details...
Running Time:
99 mins
Release Date:
Picture Format:
Anamorphic Widescreen
Soundtrack Languages:
English: DD 5.1, French: DD 5.1, Commentary: DD 2

Warner Bros. Pictures, Village Roadshow Pictures, NPV Entertainment
Action, Suspense/Thriller
English, French, Spanish




DVD Features:

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