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Updated May 31, 2006

I haven't read many of David's books yet, but I've really enjoyed the ones I have.

Books I've Read by David Drake

Forever After (Mass Market Paperback) (by Robert Asprin, David Drake, Jane Lindskold, Michael A. Stackpole, and Roger Zelazny)
Forever After

The War Against Evil Has Been Won!

In this world, the millennial battle against the forces of evil has just been won, and all the hard-working heroes are just about to start living very happily Forever After.

But First, you see, there's this one little problem.

To win the oforementioned War Against Evil, four mantic objects of great power had been summoned forth from dark recesses in which they had lain secreted for a thousand years--since, in fact, the last Great War Against Evil. But there was a reason these objects had been buried so long ago: if they are left in the open for any length of time the forces that emanate from them start to combine--and Bad Things start to happen. Dinosaurs come to battle dragons, and 747s eclipse the Moon--and that's just for starters. So it is that our heroes must leave hearth and home to go upon their four separate anti-quests to bury for another thousand years the powers that saved the world. And you can join them--Forever After . . . . (book description)


  1. An Oblique Approach (with Eric Flint)
    An Oblique ApproachIn northern India the Malwa have created an empire of unexampled evil. Guided or possessed by an intelligence from beyond time, with new weapons, old treachery, and an implacable will to power, the Malwa will sweep over the whole Earth. Only three things stand between the Malwa and their plan of eternal domination:

    Byzantium. The empire of Rome in the East. Compared to what the Malwa are creating, think of it as Camelot.

    A crystal with a vision. It brings a warning for all mankind regarding the Malwa, and a simple instruction: fight. If you lose, commit suicide.

    And a man--Belisarius. He is arguably the greatest commander Earth has ever known. Fortunately he above all men understands that war is not just a matter of weapons, but of the men who use them--and most especially of the man who commands those men. Threatened by imperial suspicion and Malwa conspiracies, impeded by border wars, target of spies and hired assassins, Belisarius must journey into the very heart of the Malwa empire as the first step in preventing the crystal's nightmare vision from becoming the real future of us all. And while he and the heroic band he leads are used to betting their lives, now what is at stake is Eternity. (book description)
  2. In the Heart of Darkness (with Eric Flint)

    The Malwa Empire, using gunpowder weapons and ruthless terror, has conquered 6th century India and is forging the subcontinent's vast population into an invincible weapon of tyranny. The supermind that commands the Malwa intends first to rule the world and then to set its inexorable stamp over all eternity. No action is too bestial for the supermind to order, nor for its Malwa lackeys to execute.

    Belisarius, the finest general of his or any age, must save the world if he can. Guided by visions from a future that may never be, he and a band of comrades penetrate the Malwa heartland, seeking the core of the enemy's power. Against them are numbers, savagery, and an icy, inhuman intelligence that is without weakness or mercy.

    In Constantinople, those who would oppose evil face not only Malwa assassins and home-grown traitors but also the suspicions of the emperor himself: Justinian the Great, whose brilliant, febrile mind sees a threat from any competence and a plot in any counsel. If the truth comes out, the only question is whether Malwa daggers or Justinian's executioners will get to the patriots first.

    As Belisarius fights his way across the chaos of northern India, Constantinople explodes in a tumult that could destroy the city, the empire, and all hope for mankind. Courage and cunning must face overwhelming evil--

    But when Belisarius leads the forces of good, only a fool would side with evil! (book description)
  3. (I haven't read this book, yet) Destiny's Shield (with Eric Flint)
    Destiny's ShieldEVIL FROM BEYOND TIME

    The Malwa Empire squats like a toad across 6th century India, commanded by ruthless men with depraved appetites. The thing from the distant future that commands them is far worse.


    Those who oppose the purulent Hell the Malwa will make of Earth have sent a crystal, Aide, to halt their advance. Aide holds all human knowledge-but he cannot act by himself.


    Count Belisarius, the greatest general of the age and perhaps of all ages, must outwit the evil empire -- and then, when there is no longer room to maneuver, to meet it sword-edge to sword-edge, because, no matter what it costs

    (from Baen Books)
  4. (I haven't read this book, yet) Fortune's Stroke (with Eric Flint)
    Fortune's Stroke

    Link, the supercomputer from a future that should not exist, has used terror and gunpowder weapons to forge the Malwa Empire: harnessing the vast manpower of the Indian subcontinent and using the barbarian races of the periphery to bind the whole together. No power on Earth in the 6th century could stand against Link's evil.

    Aide, a human soul embodied in a jewel, has come back to halt evil's progress. Aide has no power but that of truth, but truth is the only power that could move the greatest general of the age, Belisarius.

    With his sword, his paladins, and his genius, Belisarius has turned the armies of Byzantium into a weapon capable of blunting the first assault of the Malwa hordes. Now, supported by allies from all the world yet free, Belisarius, with his wife and co-commander Antonina, faces overwhelming Malwa numbers in a ring that tightens about them.

    There is no room for maneuver and no safety in defeat. The armies of Good and Evil gathered on the fertile plains of Mesopotamia will decide the fate of the world.

    And the fate of all the future!
    (from Baen Books)
  5. (I haven't read this book, yet) The Tide of Victory (with Eric Flint)
    The Tide of VictoryAN EVIL

    The creators of the monster called Link once were human, but that was distant ages in their past. Now, from the far future, they have sent their creation back to shape the world of the 6th century AD into the form that will make their own foul existence possible.

    Taught and ruled by Link, the Malwa Empire has spread from the Indus Valley, across India and into Mesopotamia. Its inhuman master has chosen its instruments from the most brutal and degraded members of humanity, and they have served its monstrous ends well.


    Those in the future who never were human have sent their own messenger to the past: Aide, a gleaming jewel who can warn but not lead; who can teach the construction of new weapons but cannot wield those weapons himself.

    Aide has come to Belisarius, the greatest general of the 6th century and perhaps any century. Between them they have forged an alliance of all the world against evil—and an army that can be the spear through evil’s heart.


    With lancers and breech-loading rifles, with steamships and with galleys, Belisarius is marching into the Malwa heartland. In a world aflame with treachery, assassination, and slaughter beyond anything save the battles of mythology, he and his companions know only one sure thing: if they fail, their whole world is doomed to living Hell—for all time!


    Politics, battle, and heroic adventure in a vivid alternate past!
    (from Baen Books)
  6. (I haven't read this book, yet) The Dance of Time
    (with Eric Flint) (forthcoming)
    No review available.

The General (Raj Whitehall)

  1. (I haven't read this book, yet) The Chosen (Paperback edition) (with S.M. Stirling)
    The Chosen

    Planted by interstellar probes on hundreds of human-occupied worlds, the downloaded personalities of Raj Whitehall and the ancient battle computer known as Center work together for planetary unity. Their goal is to prepare those worlds for membership in the Second Federation of Man. But on one planet, they do the opposite: on Visager they work to prevent unity. For on Visager a nation-state of vicious militarists is about to start the final war to unite their world--once that is accomplished and their tochnology has matured they will turn outward, bringing their fatal racist infection to the stars.

    John Hosten is the son of a high general of the Chosen. Jeffery Farr is the son of an admiral of the only nation on Visager that might be capable of halting the onslaught. Through a strange twist of fate they have become as brothers united in their hatred of all that the Chosen hope to do. Only they--with the aid of the disembodied voices of their mentors from the stars--stand between eternal tyranny for their world and eternal war for the galaxy. (book description)

  2. (I haven't read this book, yet) The Reformer (Paperback edition) or (Hardcover edition) (with S.M. Stirling)
    The Reformer


    After the collapse of the galactic Web, civilizations crumbled and chaos reigned on thousands of planets. Only on planet Bellevue was there a difference. There, a Fleet Battle Computer named Center had survived from the old civilization. When it found Raj Whitehall, the man who could execute its plan for reviving human civilization, he and Center started Bellevue back on the road leading to the stars; and when Bellevue reached that goal, Center sent copies of itself and Raj to the thousands of worlds still waiting for the light of civilization to dawn.

    On Hafardine, civilization had fallen further than most. That men came from the stars was not even a rumor of memory in Adrian Gellert's day. The Empire of Vanbret spread across the lands in a sterile splendor that could only end in another collapse, more ignominious and complete than the first. Adrian Gellert was a philosopher, a student whose greatest desire was a life of contemplation in the service of wisdom . . . until he touched the "holy relic" that contained the disincarnate minds of Raj Whitehall and Center. On that day, Adrian's search for wisdom would lead him to a life of action, from the law-courts of Vanbret to the pirate cities of the Archipelago--and battlefields bloodier than anything in the history he'd learned. The prize was the future of humanity. (book description)

  3. (I haven't read this book, yet) The Tyrant (Mass Market Paperback) or (Hardcover edition) (with Eric Flint)
    The Tyrant


    The Empire that rules the north of Hafardine's single great continent is brutal and corrupt. Its armies have turned its neighbors into subjects, its economy rests on the backs of slaves, and its aristocrats plunder the provinces in the pretense of governing them.

    West of the Empire are islands whose every resident is a pirate or a slave. Across the isthmus to the south are barbaric tribes living in squalor and mutual warfare, united only in their hatred of cities and the folk who live in them.


    If the Empire falls, it will take with it the last glimmer of civilization on Hafardine in the thousand years since the collapse of interstellar communication--and the Empire will fall under the weight of its own greed and vices unless the two men on Hafardine who can read the signs manage to reshape the future.


    In the south, the exiled philosopher Adrian Gellert attempts to forge the barbarians into a nation which can replace the Empire before it sinks into a pool of its own decay. In Adrian's mind whisper disembodied intelligences from the stars, bringing with them knowledge of new weapons and the whole sweep of human histroy. In the Empire itself, the aristocratic Justiciar Demansk wields political and military force with the delicacy of a juggler and the ruthlessness of a street thug.


    If either man succeeds, it will be through the other's ruin; and if they both fail, it will mean Hafardine sinks forever into the Long Night. (book description)

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