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Updated May 31, 2006

Roger Zelazny is a name that seems to be quite well respected within the realms of Science Fiction and Fantasy. He is also an author I haven't had very many encounters with. I have to admit, I'm not exactly sure why that is. The encounters I've had have been good ones. From my experience, he can write with great depth or levity equally well, depending on the situation. He's really an author I need to become more familiar with.

Books I've Read by Roger Zelazny

Forever After (Mass Market Paperback) (by Robert Asprin, David Drake, Jane Lindskold, Michael A. Stackpole, and Roger Zelazny)
Forever After

The War Against Evil Has Been Won!

In this world, the millennial battle against the forces of evil has just been won, and all the hard-working heroes are just about to start living very happily Forever After.

But First, you see, there's this one little problem.

To win the oforementioned War Against Evil, four mantic objects of great power had been summoned forth from dark recesses in which they had lain secreted for a thousand years--since, in fact, the last Great War Against Evil. But there was a reason these objects had been buried so long ago: if they are left in the open for any length of time the forces that emanate from them start to combine--and Bad Things start to happen. Dinosaurs come to battle dragons, and 747s eclipse the Moon--and that's just for starters. So it is that our heroes must leave hearth and home to go upon their four separate anti-quests to bury for another thousand years the powers that saved the world. And you can join them--Forever After . . . . (book description)

The Great Book of Amber (Paperback)
The Great Book of AmberRoger Zelazny's chronicles of Amber have earned their place as all-time classics of imaginative literature. Now, here are all ten novels, together in one magnificent omnibus volume. Witness the titanic battle for supremacy waged on Earth, in the Courts of Chaos, and on a magical world of mystery, adventure and romance. Amber--the one true world--and now the one great book! (book description)
  1. The First Chronicles of Amber (Hardcover edition)
    The First Chronicles of Amber
    In all the universe, there is only one true world--Amber, the Substance which is the root of all things. All other worlds--including Earth--are but Shadows . . .

    A man awakens in an Earth hospital with no memory of his past or of his name. He has no idea that he is Prince Corwin, the rightful successor to the throne of Amber, nor does he understand the intrigue that surrounds him, the enemies who hunger for his destruction--members of his own royal family. For in the centuries of his exile on our Earth, his father has disappeared, leaving Amber's throne free for the taking.

    Corwin, victim of a freak auto accident, knows none of these things--until his memory receives a series of jolts:

    He meets a sister who speaks in riddles of plots and counterplots . . . and a brother who abruptly involves him in a life-and-death battle against pursuers from a fearful Shadow world.

    He discovers a deck of tarot-like cards, bearing picturs of himself, his sisters and brothers. Only lingering amnesia keeps him from grasping their full significance: the cards are the Greater Trumps of Amber, used by his family to communicate across vast distances and to transport one another through Shadows in an instant.

    Then comes the most shattering revelation of all . . . Corwin's confrontation with an intricate design created by a master manipulator of reality--the Pattern. By walking the Pattern, those of the blood royal gain the ability to control Shadows. But the slightest hesitation or misstep during the trial means death.

    As Corwin sets foot upon that coldly glowing inscription, memories come flooding back to him. And finally, knowing his true identity, he acknowledges his true ambition--and resolves that the crown of Amber will be his.

    But unknown to Corwin, there are dark forces massing against Amber . . . and before too long he will discover how great a burden a king's crown can be.

    Includes Nine Princes in Amber, The Guns of Avalon, Sign of the Unicorn, The Hand of Oberon and The Courts of Chaos. (book description)
    1. Nine Princes in Amber (Paperback) or (Hardcover edition)
      Nine Princes in AmberExiled to the Shadows for centuries, a man more than mortal awakens in an Earth hospital with no memory of his past -- and is surrounded by enemies who hunger for his destruction. For Corwin is the rightful successor to the throne of the real world. But to rule, he must conquer impossible realities and demonic assassins . . . and survive the most insidious malevolence imaginable wrought by his own family. (book description)
    2. The Guns of Avalon (Paperback) or (Hardcover edition)
      The Guns of AvalonAcross the worlds of Shadow, Corwin, Prince of blood royal, heir to the throne of Amber, gathers his forces for an assault that will yeild up to him the crown that is rightfully his. But, a growing darkness of his own doing threatens Corwin's plans, an evil that stretches to the heart of the perfect kingdom itself where the demonic forces of Chaos mass to annihilate Amber and all who would rule there. (book description)
    3. Sign of the Unicorn (Paperback) or (Hardcover edition)
      Sign of the UnicornAMBER . . . The one true world. All others, including our Earth, are merely Shadows . . .

      Once exiled, now Corwin reigns as Amber's pro tempore ruler--inheriting the murderous rancor of his siblings along with the mantle of power. For there is no respite from familial treachery, as a traitor of The Blood reveals to hostile, demonic forces the feuding royals' most closely guarded secret: the ability to manipulate Shadow. And it is on Corwin's shoulders that the family's fate rests--as he follows a legendary beast to a vision that will reveal the Primal Pattern . . . and expose the evil poised to strike at the heart of the one true world. (book description)
    4. The Hand of Oberon (Paperback) or (Hardcover edition)
      The Hand of OberonAcross the mysterious Black Road, demons swarm into Shadow. The ancient, secret source of the royal family's power is revealed, and an unholy pact between a prince of the realm and the forces of Chaos threaten all the known worlds with absolute obliteration. The hour of battle is at hand. Now Corwin and the remaining princes of Amber must call upon all their superhuman powers to defeat their brother-turned-traitor before he can walk the magical Pattern that created Amber and remake the universe in his own image. (book description)
    5. The Courts of Chaos (Paperback) or (Hardcover edition)
      The Courts of ChaosAmber, the one real world of which all others—including our own Earth—are but Shadows . . . For untold millennia, the cosmic Pattern sustained order in Amber and all the known worlds. But now the forces of Chaos have succeeded in disrupting the Pattern, unleashing destructive forces beyond measure . . . forces meant to reshape the universe. To save Amber, Corwin, prince of the blood, champion of the perfect realm, must undertake the most perilous journey of his life. A journey that will take him through all the terrors of Shadows to the enemy's last stonghold. A journey beyond the very edge of existence . . . to the Courts of Chaos. (book description)
  2. The Second Chronicles of Amber
    1. (I haven't read this book, yet) Trumps of Doom (Paperback) or (Hardcover edition)
      Trumps of DoomLike clockwork, California computer hacker Merle Corey is nearly murdered every April 30th by a persistent unknown assailant. For, in reality, Merle is Merlin, son of the missing, possibly mad Prince Corwin of the royal house of Amber. But bestial claws have ripped too close to Merlin's heart this time -- forcing him to flee Shadow Earth with his remarkable Ghostwheel. And now Merlin's destiny resides in the one true world -- where answers can only beget more dangerous questions . . . as family treacheries and filial loyalties unite to lead a young princeling toward his own inevitable destruction. (book description)
    2. (I haven't read this book, yet) Blood of Amber (Paperback) or (Hardcover edition)
      Blood of AmberMerlin, son of Corwin, must battle forces seeking to destroy the Royal House who have been unleashing mad sorceries that can strike anywhere. Even at the heart of Amber . . . (book description)
    3. (I haven't read this book, yet) Sign of Chaos (Paperback) or (Hardcover edition)
      Sign of ChaosThe epic story of the royal family of Amber enters an exciting new chapter as Merlin, son of Prince Corwin, pursues his noble destiny against a shifting panorama of shadow worlds and deadly intrigue, powerful computers, and magic gone out of control. A violent vendetta, renegade sorcery, and whirlwind adventure lead Merlin to a monumental confrontation at the Keep of the Four Worlds, where astonishing secrets and mysterious identities will at last be revealed. (book description)
    4. (I haven't read this book, yet) Knight of Shadows (Mass Market Paperback) or (Hardcover edition)
      Knight of ShadowsMerlin pursues the mysterious disappearances of the two people dearest to him: Julia, once murdered and now reincarnated as his enemy; and his father, Corwin, who, never visible, leaves behind tantalizing signs of life. But, the powers of Order and Chaos intervene, attempting to force Merlin to choose once and for all where his allegiance lies: the Courts of Chaos, Amber, the Lorgus, or the Unicorn. Deftly woven of suspense, intrigue, and imagery, Knight of Shadows is another colorful piece of the Amber puzzle, as well as a work of sophisticated fantasy by one of our leading word magicians. (book description)
    5. (I haven't read this book, yet) Prince of Chaos (Paperback) or (Hardcover edition)
      Prince of ChaosHaving survived the blackest betrayal and a near assassination, Merle Corey, aka Merlin, discovers he is third in line to occupy the throne of Chaos. However, his ascension is aided by a series of conveniently fatal "accidents" engineered by Dana, his mother, and his uncle Mandor. But Merlin's trials are far from over. Deadly plots and dark enchantments await Merlin on the road to ultimate rule. Yet, he has determined to triumph and silence the murderous discord between Amber and Chaos...for the moment, at least. And at the end of his visionary quest lies an unsettling destiny: his father, Corwin, who was long believed to be dead, had been secretly imprisoned by a villain's magic. (book description)
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