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Updated Thursday, 18 October, 2012

I got started on Alan Dean Foster's writing with Flinx. From there, I kept on going. The only book I ever tried to read by Mr. Foster that I didn't like was Spellsinger, and I've been tempted to go back and try that one again, along with its sequels, because I hate starting a book and not finishing it. Other than the Flinx series, some of my favorites include the Icerigger trilogy, which is sadly no longer readily available, Mad Amos, which is possibly my favorite book by Mr. Foster, and the The Damned series. But I have enjoyed every Alan Dean Foster book that I ever finished reading. One note: a number of the books are listed as , but don't take that to mean they aren't any good. They're good books, but not up to Foster's usual caliber.

Books I've Read by Alan Dean Foster

(I haven't read this book, yet) Alien Nation (Paperback) or (Hardcover)
Alien NationMeet two of L.A.'s finest: Sykes - the veteran and Franciso - the alien.

The time -
a future closer than we know. Where groups of extraterrestrial aliens have become familiar members of our society.

The place -
Los Angeles. Still a town of fast times and hard crime, touching every life form inside the city limits.

The cops -
Sykes, earthman, and Francisco, alien. Facing a menace meaner than the meanest streets on their beat. Fighting an enemy as terrifying as the darkest forces in a vast, unfathomable universe. Battling back with the best - and the deadliest - of both their worlds. (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) The Black Hole (Paperback)
The Black HoleThe Ghost Ship - For five years the crew of the Palomino had ranged through deep space, searching for evidence of alien life - with no result. Then, their mission almost at an end, they discovered a giant collpsar - the largest black hole ever encountered - and, drifting perilously near it, was the long-lost legendary starship Cygnus. Incredibly, the ship was not a lifeless hulk. Its commander, the genius who had designed the Cygnus and planned its epic voyage, still survived, served by a horde of mechanical slaves. But Commander Reinhardt had no desire to be rescued. He had a rendezvous with the incredibly hellish forces of the collapsar - and he planned to take the Palomino's crew along on his doomed adventure. (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) Builder (Marexx, No 1) (Paperback)
On the Web, Alan Dean Foster is leading a cast of players from around the globe in an epic improvisational adventure as grand as the final frontier. Now readers, too, can meet the beguiling characters, experience the mystical depths, and explore the fantastic civilizations of the Marexx! (book description)
Cat*A*LystWhile on vacation in Peru, movie star Jason Carter discovers a lost civilization of extra-dimensional Incas intent on conquering the entire world. (from an review)
(I haven't read this book, yet) Clash of the Titans (Paperback 05-01-1981) or (Paperback 1981)
Clash of the TitansBy answering a seemingly impossible riddle, Perseus, the son of Zeus, wins the hand of the Princess Andromeda in marriage. Trouble appears in the shape of Calibos, the princess's former love, and his mother, the Goddess Thetis. In order that the dreaded Kraken not be released, Andromeda has to be sacrificed and Perseus searches for the Medusa; her head is the only thing that can stop the Kraken. (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) Codgerspace (Paperback) or (Mass Market Paperback)
CodgerspaceWhen every machine ceases to function and begins to search for non-human species of higher intelligence, an alien threat to humans and machines threatens the universe. (book description)
Cyber Way
Cyber WayA fascinating book combining the traditions of the Navaho indian tribes and post modern culture and technology, while at the same time a thought-provoking "how done-it" . The story revolves around the investigations of a Miami detective looking into the bizarre murder of a wealthy business man and its relation to a unique Native American sandpainting. His investigations take him to California where he calls upon the assistance of a local Navaho detective. While there he uncovers links to an ancient alien race, and is called upon to eliminate a possible threat to all mankind. (from an review)
(I haven't read this book, yet) Dark Star (Paperback) or (Mass Market Paperback)
Dark StarIf anything could go wrong aboard the scoutship Dark Star, sooner or later it would. Now in the 20th year of their mission - destroying unstable planets - the ship and its crew were falling apart…. After 20 years in space, isolation and loneliness have left their mark. The four surviving crew members are bored beyond relief. Only an occasional bomb run or another or the inevitable malfunctions aboard ship upsets the monotony. Then, Bomb #20 is primed, armed, and set to detonate - suddenly life on the Dark Star becomes frantic… (book description)
Design for Great-Day (with Eric Frank Russel)
Design for Great-DayWhen a strange starship appears mysteriously on a distant alien world, bearing only a single human and his bee-like extraterrestrial companion, the powerful warlord of that world laughs at the stranger's preposterous demand: End an all-out war with an interstellar rival, or face devastating consequences. But James Lawson, emissary from an intergalactic federation of advanced races, means every word he says, and has the power to back them up—whatever the cost. (from an review)
The Dig
The DigWhen a mile-wide asteroid appears in orbit around Earth, ex-astronaut Boston Low is called on to return to space and nudge the monster into a stable position. When he, a journalist and a scientist investigate the asteroid's surface, they enter a time and place of mystery, danger and revelation: the planet Cocytus, once home to an intelligent race but now a haunted museum to their incredibly advanced civilization. (from an review)
Glory Lane
Glory LaneSeeth—a bored punk rocker looking for excitement. Miranda—an air-head beauty who lives to shop. And Kerwin—a nerd who just wants to fit in. They're not friends, and they don't even like each other. But now they are the key to saving the universe—and are on the adventure of a lifetime.

When Seeth and Kerwin encounter the guy with the seven fingered hand and the gravity defying bowling ball, they never thought that they, as well as beauty queen Miranda, would be involved in the fate of galaxies and civilizations. (from a and an review)
Greenthieves (out of print)
GreentheivesIn a future of staggering technology, corporations must employ cutting-edge security systems to stay one step ahead of a new breed of thieves. And detectives need all the help they can get. That's why Broderick Manz uses robot as his assistants. When high-tech pharmaceuticals are stolen, the perfect crime is turned over to the perfect crime-solvers. (from an review)
The I Inside (publisher out of stock)
The I InsideFor over 100 years, the machine called Colligatarch had ruled the Earth. Its predictions of the future have proved so accurate that humans accepted its recommendations as the best course of action—until a young engineer in Phoenix begins to travel without authorization, enter secret places, assume aliases, and display super-human feats of strength. Is it because he has fallen in love? Or has he instead fallen into an interplanetary plot? (from an review)
(I haven't read this book, yet) Interlopers (Paperback)
Interlopersupset stomachs.
The collapse of civilizations.
Nervous Breakdowns.

Blame them on a twist of fate but archaeologist Cody Westcott knows differently. Something is causing these random acts of badness. Something ancient, Something evil, something…hungry.

We are not alone, but we're about to wish we were…. (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) Into the Out Of (Paperback) or (Hardcover)

They are small and dark …and as elusive as shadows. They are the shetani, a swarm of spirit-beings of awesome power, stealing into our world from the Out Of to destroy the very fabric of reality.

Only one man sees the growing danger, Olkeloki, an elder of the Maasai people, an African laibon with the knowledge to fight the shetani both in this world and its bizarre counterpart. But he must have help from two others if he is to stem the deadly tide—U.S. government agent Joshua Oak, a man all too used to combat, and Merry Sharrow, a courageous young woman braving demons of her own. Together, they must invade the very heart of a nightmare and—as spell-cast mayhem causes one Earthly crisis after another—defeat the shetani in their own terror-strewn world! (book description)
Jed the Dead (out of print)
Jed The DeadRoss Ed Hager is a good ol' boy from Texas, headed to the coast and expecting to see things he's never seen before. Jed is something he's never seen before—a three-eyed, six-limbed, alien corpse. And even though he's dead, he's still the life of the party. (from an review)
Kingdoms of Light (Paperback) or (Hardcover)
Kingdoms of LightAfter the all-powerful wizard Susnam Evyndd is defeated during battle with an evil clan of sorcerers, the world is plunged into darkness. If the spell is not quickly reversed, all plants will die off from lack of sun, until everything-and everyone-is destroyed. Yet Evyndd's death sets off his last and greatest spell, transforming his household pets into humans. With Evyndd's instructions, the group sets out to return light to the world…but pursuing the missing light promises to be difficult and dangerous, and carries no guarantee of success. (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) Krull (Mass Market Paperback) or (Hardcover)
KrullIt descends from space… THE BLACK FORTRESS raining death and destruction upon the planet KRULL - Who will rise to defend the people? Who will defy the red-eyed Beast who dwells within the Fortress? One man dares. Colwyn, who is armed with the magical Glaive. Colwin, abetted by a band of newly freed felons; a Cyclops with a sorrowful secret; the magician Ergo, small in size but great in heart; an aged Seer; and a brave young boy. Colwyn, whose betrothed is the captive of the Beast and fighting desperately to resist his loathsome embrace… (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) The Last Starfighter (Paperback) or (Mass Market Paperback) or (Hardcover)
The Last StarfighterAlex Rogan is a small-town teenager with big-time dreams. He's just like everyone else, except Alex has a very special talent. Tonight, a mysterious stranger will call on Alex. He comes from a galaxy that's under attack from an alien force. Alex's unique ability is their last best hope. (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) Life Form (Paperback) or (Hardcover)
Life FormOn the faraway planet Jaco, nine scientists from Earth have established first contact with a humanoid civilization.

Now all they have to do is live to tell about it…

Life Form

Is it humankind's greatest discovery…or its worst nightmare? Bestselling author Alan Dean Foster presents a gripping and thought-provoking account of scientific research in the darkest reaches of the unknown. It is a spellbinding odyssey to a miraculous living planet where nature breaks all the rules. Where logic falls apart. And where nothing is as it seems. (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) Luana (Paperback)
LuanaOn April 15th, 1960 a plane crashed in the untamed African jungle. The survivor - a young girl! Raised by fierce cats, Luana grows up to be as savage as her jungle habitat. And now she watches the windling overgrown paths for hapless humans on safari… (book description)

This book is the novelization of an Italian movie that was apparently never produced. Although Amazon doesn't even list it, I have found it on a number of other used book websites, so if you want to read it, Google {"alan dean foster" luana} (type everything inside the {}).
Mad Amos (publisher out of stock)
Mad AmosStrange things lurk up in the mountains and out in the plains and deserts of the West, but few are as unique as the giant mountain man named Amos Malone, the man some call Mad Amos, though not to his face. But when the world gets weird, there's no one who's better to have on your side… Is a renegade dragon harassing the men laying the rails of the great railroad? Are headless Indian spirits driving you from your land? Is that volcano threatening to destroy your settlement? Then Mad Amos is the man for you. Ten delightful stories of dragons, jackalopes, snake-oil salesmen, iron horses, and, of course, the incomparable Mad Amos Malone from the incredible imagination of world-class storyteller and bestselling author Alan Dean Foster! (from an review)
(I haven't read this book, yet) The Man Who Used the Universe (Paperback) or (Hardcover)
The Man Who Used the UniverseKees vaan Loo-Macklin is a born killer, the criminal prodigy who seized the reins of an intergalactic underworld, then sold out to go legit. Even then he could see there was no future on Evenwaith with its poisoned atmosphere and cities sheathed in glass and steel tubes.

So he reached out, as no other man ever had, to Evenwaith's natural enemies, the slimy amorphous aliens known as the Nuel. In a truce on vaan Loo-Macklin's own uncompromising terms, the Nuel gained the illusion of peace, while vaan Loo-Macklin won the secrets of the aliens' survival.

Now only one of the Nuel dares to question the underlying motive of this extraordinary human. Is it greed, personal power, revenge? Or something far darker, waiting on the fringes of space—where enemy starships mass to begin their raid? (book description)
Maori (out of print)
MaoriRobert Coffin, captain of an English merchant ship, sets out from the whaling town of Kororareka to forge a new city and a new life across the island. Unknowingly he enters this enchanted land's greatest mystery, cast in the wondrous spell of a native wizard whose magic will change him forever! First in a fantastic new series set in the wilds of 19th-century New Zealand. (from an review)
(I haven't read this book, yet) The Metrognome and Other Stories (Paperback)
The Metrognome and Other StoriesForget what you thought you knew about the universe and enter the fantastic world of master storyteller Alan Dean Foster…

OPERATOR ASSISTED CALLS ARE CHARGED AT A HIGHER RATE. Mr. Parkworthy had a score to settle with the telephone company, and he was a man used to getting his own way. But he should have remembered that it is not polite to be rude to a lady… especially when the lady is Ma Bell.

THE METROGNOME. Charlie Dimsdale was only a little man in the company that ran New York City's subways… until some odd little denizens of the city's subterranean tunnels showed him who was really in charge!

THE TESSELATED TETRAHEXAHEDRAL YELLOW ROSE OF TEXAS. Country people in America are a fair but mighty independent bunch. So when some government scientists rudely demanded that the Shattucks turn over the UFO that crashed on their Texas ranch, the Shattucks became a bit obstinate. Besides, the shining little spacecraft looked real cute hanging on the barn with the Christmas decorations.

COLLECTIBLE. When young Pearl's life was collapsing around her, she could always find comfort in her extensive collection of dragon memorabilia—but some youngsters are more fragile than others, and dragons can be deadly.

Plus eleven more stories! (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) Outland (Paperback)
OutlandIn orbit out from Jupiter in view of its malignant red eye is Outland - Here on Io, moon of Jupiter, hell in space - men mine ore to satisfy the needs of Earth. They are hard men, loners for whom the Company provides the necessities: beds, food, drink and women for hire. Now, in apparent suicide or in frenzied madness, the men are dying… To Outland comes the new U.S. Marshal O'Niel, a man with a sense of duty so strong it drives him to ferret out evil, greed and murder regardless of the cost. If he must, he will forfeit love, livelihood - even life itself. (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) Pale Rider (Paperback 05-01-1985) or (Paperback 01-1987)
Pale RiderA nameless stranger rides into the corrupt and explosive gold rush town of Lahood, California. His arrival coincides with the prayer of a young girl who is hoping for a miracle to end the sudden and random violence in the community. Fifteen-year-old Megan quietly recites from the Bible: "And I looked, and beheld a pale horse; and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him." A story of confrontation in a lawless time, the nameless stranger becomes a catalyst for hope and retribution. A struggle between ruthless corporation gunmen and innocent independent miners takes on new meaning with the appearance of an enigmatic horseman. Clint Eastwood is the Pale Rider. (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) Parallelities (Paperback) or (Hardcover)
Parallelities"It seems you have acquired about you a field that affects the links between multiple parallel worlds, causing objects and individuals from these worlds to slip into yours… or you to slip into theirs…"

It was just an average day for tabloid reporter Max Parker when he arrived in Malibu for a demonstration of a brand new parallel-universe machine. But everything changed in an instant when inventor Barrington Boles succeeded in making Max the human gate to numerous parallelities.

Now Max was lost in a virtual sea of collateral worlds, confronting man-eating aliens, dinosaurs, talking frogs, dead Maxes, girl Maxes, old Maxes, even ghost Maxes. His only chance to escape the space-time continuum was to find Boles and hope the loony genius could rescue him. But how could he be sure which world was real, which Max was Max, and which Boles was the Boles who could stop the madness—or trap Max in the wrong world forever…? (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) Primal Shadows (Paperback) or (Hardcover)
Primal Shadows"They're all dead now—except me, of course…. "

Thus begins Bohannon's story. His wallet stolen by a one-night-stand, Bohannon still believes her to be the girl of his dreams. This weary world traveler decides as a matter of honor that he must pursue her. Recruiting a scout from the roughneck Caucasian castoffs of the New Guinea port he pursues her farther and farther up country, to areas where headhunters still roam and law and order play by entirely different rules.

Beyond the natural threats of poisonous reptiles and bugs, floods, and the jungle, Bohannon encounters the various evils of men, as he winds up in the middle of a hunt for gold that proves that more than lust or love, greed is man's most primal instinct. (book description)
Quozl (out of print)
QuozlThey came in sleek, wood-panelled space ships, the ultimate in tasteful design. Their furry bodies were preened to perfection and clothed in the height of fashion. They were terrifyingly cute, amazingly confident and chillingly dapper. There has never been an invasion quite like the Quozl, and Earth may never be the same again! (from an review)
(I haven't read this book, yet) Shadowkeep (Paperback)
ShadowkeepTower of terror. They called it Shadowkeep. Its evil had blasted the land and plunged it into darkness. Its malice had ravaged the countryside with foul creaturs of the night that ventured forth from its walls. The bastion of one sorcerer's powerful magic, Shadowkeep was an abode of death that had stood longer than anyone could remember and few dared to challenge.

Now a new hero descends into the dreaded valley of the keep. Summoned by the cloaked and ghostly Spinner, he is Practor Fime, an apprentice blacksmith eager for adventure. But young Practor soon learns he must do more than carry a big sword and shout orders. To free his land, he must find the key to an ancient enchantment and conquer the castle from which no man has ever returned… (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) Slipt (Paperback) or (Mass Market Paperback) or (Hardcover)
SliptLiving next to a chemical dump isn't so bad. Just ask Jake Pickett. He's been exposed to industrial waste for years—with only a few minor side effects…

Like telekinesis.
New York Times bestselling author Alan Dean Foster presents a weird and wonderful parable for our times—a story of everyday miracles born in the wreckage of modern science. In an impoverished neighborhood near a chemical dump, Jake Pickett is known as "el magico hombre," the magic man. He can turn bullets to dust or collapse skyscrapers with his mind. But all Jake really wants to do with his "magic" is entertain the local children—and speak telepathically with his crippled niece, Amanda. Then one day, the giant chemical company decides that the only way to cover their mess is te eliminate the people who've been affected. Like Jake. (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) Smart Dragons, Foolish Elves (Paperback)
with by Anthony Boucher, Theodore R. Cogswell, John Collier, Avram Davidson, Daniel P. Dern, George Alec Effinger, Harlan Ellison, Esther M. Friesner, H.L. Gold, Ron Goulart, Nina Kiriki Hoffman, Harvey Jacobs, Marvin Kaye, Mike Resnick, Robert Sheckley, Robert Silverberg, William Tenn, and Roger Zelazny
Smart Dragons, Foolish ElvesAnthology of 18 humorous fantasy stories with an introduction and an afterword by Alan Dean Foster. This collection of short stories is absolutely wonderful. It includes Sci-Fi stories about Hell, Trolls, and the absolute worst wish ever imagined.

Introduction by Alan Dean Foster
As Is by Robert Silverberg
The Same to You Doubled by Robert Sheckley
The Egg of the Glak by Harvey Jacobs
Beibermann's Soul by Mike Resnick
Thimgs by Theodore R. Cogswell
Ms. Lipshutz and the Goblin by Marvin Kaye
Unferno by George Alec Effinger
Unicorn Variation by Roger Zelazny
Yes Sir, That's My by Daniel P. Dern
Please Stand By by Ron Goulart
Bottle Party by John Collier
My Mother Was a Witch by William Tenn [nonfiction]
Djinn, No Chaser by Harlan Ellison
Up the Wall by Esther M. Friesner
Trouble with Water by Horace L. Gold
Savage Breasts by Nina Kiriki Hoffman
Or the Grasses Grow by Avram Davidson
Snulbug by Anthony Boucher
Afterword by Alan Dean Foster

Edited by Alan Dean Foster & Martin H. Greenberg (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) Starman (Paperback)
StarmanIn 1977 Voyager II was launched into space, inviting all life forms in the universe to visit our planet. Get ready. Company's coming.

A peace loving alien takes that invitation seriously and becomes involved in the greatest acventure of a dangerous flight across America into the unexplored territory of interplanetary love. (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) The Thing (Paperback)
The ThingThe stage is set for havoc and terror when a twelve-man researc team finds an alien being that has fallen from the sky and has been buried for over 100,000 years. (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) To the Vanishing Point (Paperback) or (Hardcover)
To the Vanishing PointIt was just a boring drive through the Nevada desert …until the Sonderberg family picked up a beautiful young hitchhiker named Mouse and found themselves on a wild, careening ride down the exit ramp to Hell. It seems the entire universe is doomed unless Mouse, a transdimensional alien, can find and heal the dying cosmic Spinner who controls the very fabric of reality. And if she‚and now the Sonderbergs—can escape the evil Anachis, the incarnate primal chaos.

Suddenly attacked by a demonic gas station attendant, ax-wielding rats and fire-breathing cops, the Sonderberg family must become warriors in a now-mystical motor home and battle pangalactic diners, weird worlds, impossible voids, and brain-bending realms of madness. They're driving into a fantastic nightmare to save all creation at the Vanishing Point on the Cosmit Road…

Which happens to be U.S. Interstate 40! (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) Voyage of the Basset (Hardcover 10-01-1996) or (Hardcover 09-01-1996)
Voyage of the Basset"Believing is Seeing"

In the tradition of such favorite classics as Gulliver's Travels and Journey to the Center of the Earth, Voyage of the Basset takes the reader on a fantastical journey of discovery. Through richly detailed full-color paintings and line drawings, magical kingdoms emerge from a sea of dreams.

Cassandra Aisling, who is nine years and eleven months old, doesn't care "a jot" about what sensible people think. She likes strange, mysterious, and magical things. So when her world gets tumbled upside down, she boards the H.M.S. Basset, ready to explore the landscape of her imagination. Pledging allegiance to the Basset's motto, "Credendo do Vides…Believing is Seeing," Cassandra, her skeptical older sister Miranda, and their father, Professor Algernon Aisling, set out in search of the ancient legends. From the flickering flight of fairies and the mermaids' siren songs to a labyrinth-bound Minotaur and a fire-breathing dragon, the Aisling family witnesses firsthand the wonder of mythological worlds.

In this lavishly illustrated edition, Cassandra's adventures intertwine with her father's scientific scribblings to present both new tales and the essence of classical myths. From the two voices, readers learn the power of imagination, the importance of believing in oneself, the value of family, and the need for creative, cooperative problem-solving. The story of a magical journey and the exquisite fantasy artwork will appeal to young and old alike. (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) With Friends Like These… (Paperback) or (Mass Market Paperback)
With Friends Like These…Willie Whitehorse could have been just another boozed-up guitarist, if it hadn't been for his songs. Somehow they were different—they reached out and grabbed people's souls. Now agent Sam Parker wanted a piece of the action. But when he had it, Sam knew he'd made a terrible mistake…a mistake it was much too late to correct…

With Friends Like These…

The aliens had returned to Earth after centuries because they needed allies. But after hundreds of years, they had no idea what they would be getting the universe into…and they soon found out!

Dream Done Green

Pericles was a poet and a genius, who also happened to be a horse!

Why Johnny Can't Speed

A father could teach his son a lot of important things, but combat on the freeways wasn't one of them…not when the kid was eighteen and too full of himself to survive. But revenge did have its compensations! (book description)
(I haven't read this book, yet) …Who Needs Enemies? (Paperback)
…Who Needs Enemies?Of the 12 short stories herein, only 1 is a Pip & Flinx story, although others share the Humanx Commonwealth universe. Foster provides a short introduction for each, discussing the story's genesis, as well as an introduction for the entire book. The cover art for this edition is from "Wu-Ling's Folly" - not Pip, in other words. "Swamp Planet Christmas" (1976) A series of e-mail messages, mostly between a little girl writing to Santa Claus and a government computer across the galaxy, this snafu tale is intended to be in the style of Eric Frank Russell (one of Foster's idols; I recommend his Next of Kin).

"Snake Eyes" (1978) - The only Pip & Flinx story in this volume, set between The End of the Matter and Flinx in Flux.

"Bystander" (1978) Chapman was dispatched as sole crew on the rescue ship sent to evacuate the Abraxis colony to escape its flare-prone star. He's just a backup to the tertiary backups, so when the ship awakens him early, he is himself in mortal peril. As if the upcoming freak flare weren't enough, a mysterious Dhabian spacecraft is pacing his ship - those aliens who ordinarily refuse to have anything to do with humanity.

"What Do the Simple Folk Do?" (1979) Picture a future in which "plot it yourself" stories are mixed with first-class medical technology, where network execs argue that viewers expect realism to include *real* damage - after all, what are actors being paid for? No joke when one's ratings slip…

"Gift of a Useless Man" (1979) Lilliputian overtones here. When Peterson, fleeing for his life, crashed on the tiny planetoid, he was left paralyzed as well as hopelessly stranded. But when a tiny, telepathic alien befriends him, he becomes far more valuable than he ever was in his old life…

"Surfeit" (1982) A Humanx Commonwealth story, although not involving Pip and Flinx, but rather the Monsters of Dis - the dream of surfers across the galaxy. "The Dark Light Girl" (1981) Haskell Wells decided to take the back country roads from L.A. to Dallas, seeing the untouched part of the country while changing jobs to another newspaper. Now he's seeing more of it than he bargained for, stranded for a day in Agua Caliente, New Mexico by a torn-up tire until the mechanic can get another from the next town…

"Instant with Loud Voices" (1982) Twenty years of hard work - continual design improvements integrated into the growing system - have gone into making DISRA the biggest and best computer in the world, and for 6 years it's been able to solve problems from earthquake to crop failure. The world depends on it - but it has weaknesses that no simpler system can have, and its creator is preparing to ask a dangerous question…

"Communication" (1981) Earth is about to have its first contact with aliens, wish to deal a single world leader, based on their analysis of Earth's communication broadcasts, who seems more popular and durable than any other. Who will it turn out to be?

"The Last Run" (1982) Bill "the Wisp" Switch is a genius at souping up engines, and gets a kick out of street racing (where a mere 150 mph isn't worth the gasoline it costs). But after Wisp defeated a Lamborghini and a Ferrari one night, a new challenger offered him the chance of a lifetime.

"Wu-Ling's Folly" (1982) The old West's gold was bound to attract a dragon or two - hard luck on the Butterfield stagecoach line, in a world that doesn't believe in dragons. Fortunately, "Mad Amos" Malone makes a living solving unusual problems (see Foster's short story collection Mad Amos for more of the character).

"Village of the Chosen" (1983) Harvey Vickers has spent 20 years in Africa for UPI, and while he's been in worse places than Mogadishu, recording the endless cycle of devastation has burned him out. Until he collides with a woman in the street - knocking her veil off to reveal a face as exquisite as an emerald, and about the same color… (book description)


  1. (I haven't read this book, yet) Alien Resurrection (Paperback) (by A. C. Crispin)
    Alien ResurrectionHaving experienced her own death, Ellen Ripley awakens on a space station and learns that her resurrection is the result of an incredible experiment that has altered both her and the alien creature she is carrying. (book description)
  2. (I haven't read this book, yet) Alien vs. Predator (Paperback) (by Marc Cerasini)
    Alien vs. PredatorNovelization of the movie, Alien vs. Predator.

The Damned

  1. A Call to Arms
    A Call to ArmsFor eons, the Amplitur had searched space for intelligent species, each of which was joyously welcomed to take part in the fulfillment of the Amplitur Purpose. Whether it wanted to or not. When the Amplitur and their allies stumbled upon the races called the Weave, the Purpose seemed poised for a great leap forward. But the Weave's surprising unity also gave it the ability to fight the Amplitur and their cause. And fight it did—for thousands of years. Will Dulac was a New Orleans composer who thought the tiny reef off Belize would be the perfect spot to drop anchor and finish his latest symphony in solitude. What he found instead was a group of alien visitors—a scouting party for the Weave, looking. for allies among what they believed to be a uniquely warlike race: Humans. Will tried to convince the aliens that Man was fundamentally peaceful, for he understood that Human involvement would destroy the race. But all too soon, it didn't matter. The Amplitur had discovered Earth… (from an review)
  2. The False Mirror
    The False MirrorAs war rages on between the Amplitur and the union of races known as the Weave, Ranji—an Ashregan warrior trained from birth to battle humans—is captured, and he soon learns of the Amplitur's vile genetic manipulations. (from an review)
  3. The Spoils of War
    The Spoils of WarThe Weave was on the verge of winning a decisive victory after a milennia of war, thanks to their new allies from earth. But then the birdlike Wais scholar Lalelang found evidence that Humans might not adapt well to peace. Researching further, she uncovered a secret group of telepathic Humans called the Core, who were on the verge of starting another war, and then eliminating Lalelang. At the last moment, she was saved by a lone Core commander. He took a chance on her intelligence and compassion, and gambled the fate of Humanity on the possibility that together, they could find an alternative to a galaxy-wide bloodbath… (from an review)


Tales of the Humanx Commonwealth (in chronological order)
There are a number of series that are part of the overall Commonwealth series of novels. I have separated those series into subsections to make it easier to identify novels from a given series. I have also included the book titles in the overall list to identify where they actually fall in relation to the series as a whole.

Journeys of the Catechist

  1. Carnivores of Light and Darkness
    Carnivores of Light and DarknessEtjole Ehomba is a herdsman whos simple sense of honor demands that he fulfill the dying wish of a shipwrecked stranger. Even though his promise means that Ehomba—armed only with a bone knife and a sky-metal sword—must walk the length of a world, cross lands of unceasing peril, sail an impassable ocean, vanquish an unstoppable evil, and rescue a woman he has never met for the sake of a dead man he did not know. No wizard or warrior would attempt such a mad quest. But a man who poses questions to everything he meets may find answers that no wizard could imagine… (from the back of the book)
  2. (I haven't read this book, yet) Into the Thinking Kingdoms (Paperback) or (Hardcover)
    Into the Thinking KingdomsAn adventure of epic proportions continues as Ehomba, a man bound by honor, travels through exotic and perilous lands on a quest to find and protect a beautiful princess he has never met. Drawn into his journey are Simna the swordsman and the great feline Ahlitah, and both are as much fascinated as they are confused by Ehomba's commitment to the imprisoned royal. Together, they travel great distances and encounter fantastic beings, but to save the princess, they must confront the greatest evil that lies ahead: her captor, Hymneth the Possessed. (book description)
  3. (I haven't read this book, yet) A Triumph of Souls (Paperback) or (Hardcover)
    A Triumph of SoulsHerdsman Etjole Ehomba has found the one sea captain courageous enough to brave the Kraken-haunted waters of the impassable Semordria. But even if the beautiful Stanager Rose can guide the Gramsketter through oceanic realms of captive winds, seaweed people, and the isles of the Faceless, the tribesman's voyage will not be over. For Ehomba and his companions—the brash swordsman Simnaibn Sind, the deadly cat Ahlitah, and the huge, shaggy man-beast Hunkapa Aub—must cross yet another continent in their search for the beautiful, kidnapped Visioness Themaryl. The perils ahead will be greater than any they have yet faced: armies of murderous skeletons, prairies burrowed by invisible beasts, deserts where Hell's most hideous demons prospect for souls, and mountains infested with berserk giants.

    And at the farthest end of the world waits Themaryl's captor, Hymneth the Possessed: the insane, sadistic necromancer who holds his kingdom in a grip of unspeakable horror. Ehomba's lore, determination, and wondrous weapons are no match for Hymneth's unstoppable evil. Indeed, Etjole Ehomba already knows the prophecy: His quest is doomed to failure, and if he faces Hymneth, Ehomba will die…

    Unless somehow, the simple herdsman can ask the questions that can answer Death itself. "The skeleton that dismounted was neither the tallest nor the most stout of those pale white specters that were arrayed against the travelers, but it strode forward with a stiff-jointed dignity none of its demised confederates could match. With plucked feathers streaming from the gilded helmet that rocked atop its bleached skull, it approached the living. Halting barely a spear length away, the skeleton placed one bony arm across its splayed rib cage—and bowed…" (book description)

Montezuma Strip

  1. Montezuma Strip (publisher out of stock)
    Montezuma StripMontezuma Strip is a nightmarish future world where First World tech meets Third World wages, where gangs rule the night, and where the wealthy few lock themselves behind steel gates. Here on the Strip, Federale Angel Cardenas is a top cop on the streets of virtual reality, where talking animals are programmed to kill and even the Holy Blessed Virgin's ghost runs rackets. (from an review)
  2. The Mocking Program (Mass Market Paperback) or (Hardcover)
    The Mocking ProgramRenowned for his complex, vivid worlds of science fiction, Alan Dean Foster, bestselling author of The Commonwealth and Spellsinger novels, here takes readers to the hard-boiled, high-tech, and fever-hot streets of the Montezuma Strip—a Mexamerican megalopolis of mayhem and murder…


    Inspector Angel Cardenas has seen murdered corpses like George Anderson's, but never a case like this. The victim's ID doesn't match his DNA, Anderson's wife and preteen daughter, Katla, are missing, their home has been turned into a time bomb—and mobs from three continents are all hunting Katla. Relying on his training as a nearly telepathic intuit, Cardenas embarks on a search for clues that leads him from the Strip's sex parlors and stimstick clubs, where kids are deadly and music can kill, to an undersea hideout where computer crimes are committed by criminal computers. Yet the closer Cardenas gets to the girl, the closer assassins are getting to them both… (book description)


  1. (I haven't read this book, yet) Pitch Black (Paperback) (by Frank Lauria)
    Pitch BlackA fantastic futuristic thriller of a deadly new frontier.

    A rogue comet spears an earth-bound commercial spacecraft, forcing it to plummet to the surface of an unknown planet. With the captain dead, a brave pilot performs a perilous crash landing. Other than three suns-which create perpetual light-and a slight oxygen deficiency, a search party discovers that the planet isn't much different from Earth…until they stumble across a ghostly settlement littered with the human remains of geologists who mysteriously perished exactly sixty years ago. And the most horrific discovery of all: below the surface of the soil, where darkness reigns, live hungry predators with a deadly appetite.

    Once every sixty years a solar eclipse darkens the skies and allows the blood-hungry creatures to escape from their underground tomb. With only hours before total blackout, everyone must unite in a race to raise the geologists' abandoned ship before becoming a long-awaited meal… (book description)
  2. (I haven't read this book, yet) The Chronicles of Riddick (Paperback)
    The Chronicles of RiddickRiddick has spent the last five years on the move among the forgotten worlds on the outskirts of the galaxy, eluding mercenaries bent on collecting the price on his head. Now, the fugitive finds himself on planet Helion, home to a progressive multicultural society, which has been invaded by the Lord Marshal (Feore), a zealot who targets humans for subjugation with his army of warriors known as Necromongers.

    Exiled to a subterranean prison where extremes of temperature range from arctic nights to volcanic days, Riddick encounters Kyra (Davalos), the lone survivor from an earlier chapter in his life. His efforts to free himself and Kyra lead him to the Necromonger command ship, where he is pitted against the Lord Marshal in an apocalyptic battle with possibly the fate of all beings-both living and dead-hanging in the balance. (book description)


  1. (I haven't read this book, yet) The Son of Spellsinger (Paperback) or (Hardcover)
    Son of SpellsingerCall Him - Spellmaster B

    Much to Clothahump the Wizard's distress, ex-hippie Jon-Tom and otherworldly Talea's son Buncan wants to be a questing hero, but not a spellsinger. Instead, he forms a band with Mudge's kids, otters Nocter and Squill, one that creates a wild, unpredictable magic - based on rap!

    Then an anteater arrives with rumors about a dangerous legend. Soon the young rappers, aided by a drunk rhino, are off on an odyssey to a fortress where evil sorcerers threaten the world. And where only the unknown power of Buncan's beat can stop the hordes of hideous hybrids.

    Son of Spellsinger

    The next generation of mayhem and magic begins… (book description)
  2. (I haven't read this book, yet) Chorus Skating (Paperback) or (Library Binding)
    Chorus SkatingWe're talking 'bout - bad, BAD, BAD BAD VIBRATIONS! Spellsinger Jon-Tom is not in search of the Lost Chord; he's found it; living notes adrift from some extradimensional chorus line, fugitive from an otherworldly unfinished symphony. And the errant air wants Jon-Tom to follow it - right off a clef, into deadly peril. For a minor key adventure turns major as Jon-Tom, his otter pal Mudge, and the schizo scherzo rescue a gaggle of spoiled princesses, battle the compulsions of a bizarre bazaar, wage war on a guerrilla gorilla, are sucked into a mocking maelstrom - and are trapped by an evil alien band who plan the ultimate musical rip-off, plunging the universe into the sounds of silence. Now, unless Jon-Tom's magic can conquer the airwaves, the hills will be alive with the sounds of an evil wizard who writes the songs that make the whole world… (book description)

Star Trek

The Movies
  1. (I haven't read this book, yet) Star Trek (Paperback 10-01-1990)
    or (Mass Market Paperback 08-1984) or (Mass Market Paperback 04-1987) or (Mass Market Paperback 09-1988) or (Hardcover 02-1980) or (Hardcover 03-01-1980) or (Hardcover 06-1980)
    (ghostwritten by Alan Dean Foster from the screenplay by Gene Roddenberry)
    Star TrekThe five year mission has ended, the crew of the U.S.S. EnterpriseTM has moved on to other assignments and been promoted. Life has moved on. Then, from the depths of space, comes a huge cloud with incredibly destructive powers, and it is on a course for Earth. Once again James T. Kirk, now an Admiral, must lead the U.S.S. EnterpriseTM on an incredible adventure. (book description)
  2. (I haven't read this book, yet) Star Trek II: The Wrath of Kahn (Paperback 07-01-1982)
    or (Paperback 09-01-1994) or (Hardcover 05-01-1984)
    (by Vonda N. McIntyre)
    Star Trek II: The Wrath of KahnPrepare Yourself For Warp-10 Excitement!

    The Galaxy's ultimate future is in the hands of James Kirk, Mr. Spock and the indomitable crew of the EnterpriseTM.

    The Galaxy's ultimate weapon is in the hands of the evil Khan and his followers.

    A battle that will shake the universe cannot be avoided…And the ultimate adventure is about to begin! (book description)
  3. (I haven't read this book, yet) Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (Paperback 10-01-1990)
    or (Mass Market Paperback 06-1984) or (Mass Market Paperback 04-1988) or (Hardcover 11-01-1984)
    (by Vonda N. McIntyre)
    Star Trek III: The Search for SpockNo One On The EnterpriseTM Can Believe That Mr. Spock Is Gone!

    As the crew grieves for Mr. Spock, the awesome Genesis Device, now controlled by the Federation, has transformed an inert nebula into a new planet teeming with life. But Genisis can also destroy existing worlds.

    The creators of the Device want it given freely to the Galaxy. But Starfleet Command fears that it will become a force for evil. And the enemies of the Federation will not rest until they seize it — as their most powerful weapon in the battle to conquer the Galaxy! (book description)
  4. (I haven't read this book, yet) Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home (Paperback)
    or (Mass Market Paperback) or (Hardcover)
    (by Vonda N. McIntyre)
    Star Trek IV: The Voyage HomeAdmiral James T. Kirk is charged by the Klingon Empire for the comandeering of a Klingon starship. The Federation honors the Klingon demands for extradition, and Kirk and the crew of the Starship EnterpriseTM are drawn back to Earth.

    But their trip is interrupted by the appearance of a mysterious, all-powerful alien space probe. Suddenly, Kirk, Spock, McCoy and the rest of the crew must journey back through time to twentieth-century Earth to solve the mystery of the probe. (book description)
  5. (I haven't read this book, yet) Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (Paperback)
    or (Hardcover)
    (by J. M. Dillard)
    Star Trek V: The Final FrontierOn the planet Nimbus III, a harsh world deep in the neutral zone, the three major powers — Federation, Klingon, and Romulan — attempt a revolutionary cooperative program, jointly developing the planet as an experiment in peace. But that makes Nimbus III an irresistible target for terrorists, who seize control of the planet, and the EnterpriseTM is sent on a daring mission of rescue. And soon Kirk and his crew find themselves on a much more dangerous and disturbing journey, to the center of the galaxy and the forbidden secrets it holds. (book description)
  6. (I haven't read this book, yet) Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Paperback )
    (by J. M. Dillard)
    Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered CountryInternal pressures, enormous military expenditures, and the destruction of their primary energy source have brought the Klingon Empire to the verge of catastrophic collapse.

    To avert disaster, Gorkon, Chancellor of the Klingon High Council, proposes negotiations between the Federation and Klingon Empire, negotiations that will put an end to the years of hostility between the two powers, and herald a new era of peace and cooperation. Captain James T. Kirk and the U.S.S. EnterpriseTM are dispatched to escort the Chancellor safely into Federation space.

    But a treacherous assassination brings negotiations to a sudden halt and places Kirk and Dr. McCoy in the hands of the Federation's greatest enemy. With time running out, Spock and the EnterpriseTM crew work to uncover the deadly secret that threatens to propel the galaxy into the most destructive conflict it has ever known. (book description)
  7. (I haven't read this book, yet) Star Trek Generations (Paperback)
    or (Hardcover)
    (by J. M. Dillard)
    Star Trek GenerationsThe story begins with the launching of the U.S.S. EnterpriseTM NCC-1701-B and the mysterious disappearance of Captain James T. Kirk. Then seventy-eight years later, Captain Jean-Luc Picard of the U.S.S. EnterpriseTM NCC-1701-D receives a distress call from a remote scientific observatory.

    Picard learns that a newly developed super weapon has been stolen by a desperate scientist with an insane plot. Facing the most difficult task of his career, Captain Picard must seek out the one person with the power to help him, a person long thought dead: Captain James T. Kirk.

    Together, the two captains will be tested as they've never been before. And both men will be forced to make the greatest sacrifices of their careers to save countless millions from a madman with a plan for mass destruction. (book description)
  8. (I haven't read this book, yet) Star Trek: First Contact (Paperback)
    or (Hardcover)
    (by J. M. Dillard)
    Star Trek: First ContactFrom the deepest, darkest reaches of space came the greatest threat the federation had ever faced: the Borg. Half organic/half mechanical, the Borg were relentless and bent on conquering and "assimilating" all intelligent life; a single Borg vessel destroyed 39 Federation starships, decimating Starfleet.

    Stronger and more dangerous than ever, they are ready to launch a new attack against the Federation, one that threatens its past… its present… and its future.

    Only the courage and determination of Captain Jean-Luc Picard and his crew can prevent the Borg from striking at the heart of the Federation and Earth. (book description)
  9. (I haven't read this book, yet) Star Trek: Insurrection (Paperback 05-01-1999)
    or (Hardcover 07-01-1998) or (Hardcover 11-01-1998)
    (by J. M. Dillard)
    Star Trek: InsurrectionStar Trek: The Next Generation® is the most popular, longest-running series in science fiction history. Now, after the spectacular worldwide success of Star Trek: First Contact® Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of the Starship EnterpriseTM return to the big screen in a thrilling new adventure that captures all the fun and excitement of Star Trek at its best.

    On an unnamed planet in a distant sector, Starfleet, in an uneasy alliance with a mysterious new alien species of unknown origin, has discovered a secret with astounding implications that could transform the future of the entire Federation. But this secret has a price that may be more than some are willing to pay.

    The secret first turns Data against Starfleet, then draws Jean-Luc Picard and the Starship EnterpriseTM into a tense and dangerous situation that has unexpected effects on every member of the crew — and presents them with an agonizing moral dilemma. Faced with orders he cannot obey and a crisis he cannot ignore, Picard finds himself torn between his conscience and his uniform.

    Bestselling author J.M. Dillard has written a powerful and exciting novel based on the major motion picture directed by Jonathan Frakes ("Commander Will Riker"). Star Trek: Insurrection is sure to delight audiences throughout the world. (book description)
  10. (I haven't read this book, yet) Star Trek: Nemesis (Hardcover)
    (by J. M. Dillard)
    Star Trek: NemesisRemus — mysterious sister world to Romulus. A planet where hope surrendered to darkness long ago. A planet whose inhabitants have been without a voice for generations. But that's about to change.

    Earth — home to Starfleet, where the crew of the U.S.S. EnterpriseTM NCC-1701-E, gathers under the crystal blue skies of an Alaskan day to celebrate the wedding of Will Riker and Deanna Troi. The joy of the day is overshadowed only by the knowledge that this is the last time they will all be together, as soon-to-be Captain Riker and his ship's counselor, Deanna Troi, will soon be departing for their new ship.

    Captain Jean-Luc Picard and the EnterpriseTM crew are suddenly diverted for an unexpected diplomatic mission to the planet Romulus. Longtime enemies of the Federation, the Romulans have expressed their desire to initiate negotiations that will hopefully lead to a long-awaited unity in the galaxy. But upon their arrival on Romulus, the Enterprise crew is faced with a threat that could lead to the destruction of the planet Earth, and Picard comes face to face with a man who may prove to be his most dangerous adversary yet…and a surprisingly personal nemesis. (book description)
Star Trek Logs
  • Different Omnibus editions
    1. (I haven't read this book, yet) (Paperback 09-01-1996) or (Paperback 05-13-1998)
      Star Trek Logs 1-2Omnibus edition of logs 1-2.
    2. (I haven't read this book, yet) (Paperback 09-01-1996) or (Paperback 05-13-1998)
      Star Trek Logs 3-4Omnibus edition of logs 3-4.
    3. (I haven't read this book, yet) (Paperback 09-01-1996) or (Paperback 05-13-1998)
      Star Trek Logs 5-6Omnibus edition of logs 5-6.
    4. (I haven't read this book, yet) (Paperback 09-01-1996) or (Paperback 05-13-1998)
      Star Trek Logs 7-8Omnibus edition of logs 7-8.
    5. (I haven't read this book, yet) (Paperback 09-01-1996) or (Paperback 05-13-1998)
      Star Trek Logs 9-10Omnibus edition of logs 9-10.

    Star Wars


    1. (I haven't read this book, yet) Lost and Found (Hardcover)
      Lost and FoundEver since his classic debut, The Tar-Aiym Krang, the first of the wildly successful Pip and Flinx adventures, New York Times bestselling author Alan Dean Foster has captivated readers around the world. Now this writer of bold imagination and stunning originality has created an electrifying space epic set in a universe at once strangely familiar and starkly terrifying. Familiar because the universe is ours; terrifying because the human condition might soon be….

      Not so long ago Marcus Walker was just another young commodities trader in Chicago, working hard and playing harder. But that's all in the past, part of a life half forgotten?a reality that vanished when he was attacked while camping and tossed aboard a starship bound for deep space.

      Desperately, Walker searches for explanations, only to realize he's trapped in a horrifying nightmare that is all too real. Instead of being a rich hotshot at the top of the food chain, Walker discovers he's just another amusing novelty, part of a cargo of "cute" aliens from primitive planets?destined to be sold as pets to highly advanced populations in "civilized" regions of the galaxy.

      Even if he weren't constantly watched by his captors, Walker has few options. After all, there is no escape from a speeding starship. Another man might resign himself to the inevitable and hope to be sold to a kindly owner, but not Walker. This former college football star has plenty of American ingenuity and no intention of admitting defeat, now or ever. In fact, he's only just begun to fight.

      The adventure will continue with two more novels (book description)
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