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Hi! Welcome to my Favorite Authors page. To check out the books I've read by an author, as well as a brief description of what I think of that author, click the author's name on the left. If a title sounds interesting, or you just think that from my description of the author, you might enjoy trying a book or two by that author, click the title, and you will be transported to, where you can purchase the book.

If you do any shopping through, I'd really enjoy it if you accessed them through either one of the titles (you don't need to buy that title) or one of the links below. With the first link, you can search for a specific title. The second link will transport you to's main page. If you use any of these three methods to get to, I'll get a 5% commission! And it will cost you no more than if you wandered into on your own.

By the way, I highly recommend I have bought dozens of books through them, and have been very pleased with the price and the excellent job they do of packaging everything for shipping. I have never received a book from them that was damaged during shipping. I have even ordered out-of-print books from, and while it took them a while, they did find the book, and it was in good shape when I got it (and it turned out to be the best book I had ever read by that author).

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