Charles Sheffield

I have read a number of boots by Charles Sheffield, and I enjoyed every one. One reviewer summed up his work as taking classics and rewriting them in a science fiction setting. That reviewer referred to Godspeed in particular, which the reviewer compared to Treasure Island. I don't remember much of Treasure Island, but I enjoyed reading Godspeed. Of all the Sheffield books I have read, I enjoyed the second and third in the Proteus series the most. I have not read the first, since it is no longer in print, but I will be trying to find it through and possibly the library and other used book stores.

Books I've Read by Charles Sheffield

In 2026, the Earth faces an unexpected disaster. A supernova in the nearby Alpha Centauri system has apparently wiped out nearly every electronic component on the planet, leaving human civilization paralyzed. Phones don't work, transportation grinds to a halt, and essential services such as medical care are thrown back into the Stone Age. As the world tries to cope with this technological cut-off, a man dying of cancer begins a journey to save his life and that of his fellow patients, a master criminal escapes a sentence of "judiciary sleep," a returning Mars expedition faces what looks like certain death, and U.S. president Saul Steinmetz strives to keep his country from falling apart. (from an review)
Brother to Dragons
Born to a crack cocaine-addicted mother who abandoned him, Job Napoleon Salk would live to survive the horrors of a corruptly-run orphanage, life on the streets--even first love. But could he survive the dreaded TANDI, the toxic, nuclear disposal unit for all of America's "unwanted?" (from an review)
Cold As Ice
Toward the end of the 21st century, after a space war has devastated Earth, Mars, and the inhabited asteroid belt, development centers on the Galilean satellites of Jupiter. Keen to develop the ice-moon Europa is Cyrus Mobarak, genius inventor of portable fusion power units; opposing him is the reclusive brilliant researcher Hilda Brandt. And caught up in their almost imperceptible power struggle are fusion scientist Camille Hamilton, undersea researcher Jon Perry, and brilliant composer Wilsa Sheer -- all three of whom have extraordinarily augmented abilities. After an accident on the surface of Europa, Camille apparently freezes to death, only to revive without ill effects; Jon and Wilsa, trapped in a submersible in the deep water beneath Europa's icy surface, run out of air, but they revive too. Turns out that all three are survivors of wartime biological experiments aimed at creating super-talented humans--experiments directed by Hilda Brandt. (from an review)
The Ganymede Club
In the years following the Great War and the death of half the human race, Lola Belman, a therapist on Ganymede, meets a patient whose past is a mystery, and a dangerous group will stop at nothing to keep Lola from exploring the past and discovering their existence. (from an review)
One of the legends of the planet Erin tells of the long-lost Godspeed Drive, which made interstellar travel possible before the Isolation came, nearly wrecking civilization on Erin. Teenager Jay Hara is, by a set of very curious chances indeed, drawn into a space voyage in search of Godspeed that leads not only to it but to much else neither Jay nor any of his comrades expects. (from an review)

Chan Dalton

  1. Mind Pool
    In the 23rd century, out of all the races of the galaxy, only humanity has discovered the secret of travel between the stars. When a threat to all life arises from non-living cyborgs, suddenly the peculiar human virtues of valor and stubbornness make the despised Earthlings the saviors of all. (from an review)
  2. The Spheres of Heaven (hard cover)
    LOSE THE STARS-OR LOSE EVERYTHING! Spacer Chan Dalton is torn between two masters. The pacifist aliens who hold Earth under Quarantine want him to find out why their starships have been disappearing in the Geyser Swirl, the Bermuda Triangle of the galaxy. Earth's military, which has secretly discovered a way to break the quarantine, assumes that someone out there is making ships vanish, including Earth's, and wants Dalton to find the culprits and hopefully stop them -- with extreme prejudice, if necessary. The trouble is, the aliens hold the taking of intelligent life, even in selfdefense, to be the greatest of sins. It was Earth's violent ways (in defense of the damned pacifist aliens!) that led to the quarantine in the first place -- and if Dalton is forced to fight, it will unveil, and so destroy, Earth's final chance to reach for the stars again. So when Dalton does indeed discover the hostile invaders responsible for the lost starships, he is faced with an impossible decision: Fight and lose access to space forever; or allow a rapacious enemy to run riot over all that he holds dear... (from an review)

The Jupiter Novels


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