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Updated January 26, 2006

When I first searched for Yarbro's works, I discovered something really sad. All of the books that I have read by this wonderful author were either listed as out of stock or out of print. I found that really sad, because I really enjoyed reading them, especially the Saint Germaine novels. More recently, I discovered that many of them had been re-released, and even those that are out of print have copies available used! Woo hoo!

If you are unfamiliar with the Comte de Saint Germaine, he's a vampire. He's also a humanitarian. He cares more for people than most people do. He's lived a long time, and his novels are set in various times of upheaval throughout history. One novel (Path of the Eclipse) starts out in China as the Mongols are invading and proceeds to India with a short interlude in Tibet. One (Blood Games) takes place in Nero's Rome. One (The Palace) takes place in Italy in the Dark Ages. One takes place in Paris during the French Revolution. One is set in Russia at the time the Communists took over. One (Tempting Fate) takes place in the 1920's in Austria.

How can the count leave his native earth, you ask? He takes it with him, of course. One interesting thing that happens through the ages is that as people get taller, the count stays the same, and starts getting shorter in comparison to others (cool little detail Yarbro didn't forget).

I tried reading one novel about another vampire Yarbro wrote, but couldn't get into it. But I loved all of the Saint Germaine novels. Yarbro does a lot of research into the history of the times so that she can accurately portray what is going on in the world around Saint Germaine.

As to her other books, I know I've read Ariosto, but I can't remember what it's about. Dead and Buried is a great book about a little town where everybody seems to keep dying. False Dawn is post-apocalyptic novel about a couple of people trying to find a safe haven in a land full of danger. Imagine a situation where drugs stop being effective and age-old diseases start cropping up all over the place. Imagine the scramble that would take place as people tried to save the world. That is what Time of the Fourth Horsemen is all about. In case you couldn't figure it out, I highly recommend this author.

Books I've Read by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro

Ariosto (out of print)
AriostoThe mighty epic of a poet-warrior caught in fantasy's furious game of chance. (book description)
Dead & Buried (out of print)
Dead & BuriedThe murders were bad enough, but what Sheriff Dan Gillis couldn't understand were the newcomers to Porter's Bluff, and their eerie resemblance to people he had seen dead and buried. (book description)
False Dawn
False DawnIt is the turn of the 21st century. War, disease and pollution have made the Earth nearly unfit for human habitation. In America, food is scarce, and what food reamins is quickly confiscated by the Pirates -- a murderous band of raiders determined to save themselves and to destroy the last stronghold of civilized human beings -- the mutant population. (book description)
Time of the Fourth Horseman (out of stock)
Time of the Fourth HorsemanIn a large American city people are dying of smallpox, diphtheria and all the bugs that have been defeated forever. No one but the highest officials are aware that his city has been chosen as an experiment in population control. (book description)

Saint Germaine

  1. Hotel Transylvania
    Hotel TransylvaniaLe Comte de Saint-Germain – cultured, well-traveled, articulate, elegant, learned, honorable, an alchemist, and a man of many secrets – he is a mystery to the court of Louis XV. For Madelaine de Montalia, making her debut in society, he is as fascinating as he is enigmatic, an admiration he returns. But others are interested in her as well. The dark folly of her father’s youth exposes her to danger that only someone of Saint-Germain’s vast experience can comprehend or repulse.

    In this first book of the Saint-Germain cycle, Saint-Germain establishes himself as the compassionate hero whose adventures span continents and millennia. (book description)
  2. The Palace
    The PalaceThey say his palazzo is to be a magnificent work of art-a dazzling edifice to rival the most opulent in the city. Its owner is a stranger to Florence, a wealthy foreigner who dresses in black silk and practices the age-old secrets of alchemy. But the man who calls himself Francesco Ragoczy da San Germano conceals his own dark secrets that have exiled him to a life of blood-filled torment and eternal wandering. Yet in the sensation-craving Estasia, cousin to Botticelli, San Germano has found a woman whose unquenchable passions could exceed his own. And in the fanatical monk Savonarola, he has found a powerful enemy: a dangerously obsessed ascetic who exerts a hypnotic power over the citizens of Florence. Savonarola is embarked on a reign of terror that will not end until every thing of beauty is destroyed and every heretic burned at the stake. As the city becomes a hotbed of religious fervor and escalating violence, San Germano is faced with an impossible choice that could doom those he loves forever...and transform his own existence beyond recognition.

    Peopled by such unforgettable real-life figures as the de Medicis and Sandro Botticelli, THE PALACE evokes Renaissance Italy in all its dangerous glory, as it weaves a darkly erotic spell of love, power, obsession and seduction that will keep you in thrall until the stunning conclusion. (book description)
  3. Blood Games (not yet released)
    Blood GamesBeginning during the reign of Nero, Sanct' Germain finds his way through the political turmoil of the time, and becomes the lover of the incomparable Atta Olivia Clemens. (from the author's website)
  4. Path of the Eclipse (out of stock)
    Path of the EclipseTraveling from China to Tibet and India during the rise of Jenghiz Khan, Saint-Germain is driven by circumstances from one place to the next in his search for a safe and tolerant haven. (from the author's website)
  5. Tempting Fate (out of print)
    Tempting FateFifth in the Saint-Germain series (and number three for Stealth), Tempting Fate finds the count as guardian to a Russian war orphan during the Russian Revolution and the end of World War I. As he travels across Europe with his adopted daughter, he encounters three women -- all of whom will alter his tormented destiny: a duchess who will lead him into fateful temptation, a young widow who plunges him into an abyss of corruption and obsessive desire, and Madeline de Montalia -- the women for whom Saint-Germain will risk eternity to protect. Driven by his insatiable need for this woman who shares his terrible secret, Saint-Germain will commit a final, desperate act that could doom the lovers to a world of everlasting damnation. (book description)
  6. The Saint-Germaine Chronicles (out of print)
    The Saint-Germaine ChroniclesFive stories trace Saint-Germain's activities from the beginning of the twentieth century to the 1980s. (from the author's website)
  7. Darker Jewels (I haven't read this one, yet)
    Darker JewelsSent by the King of Poland to the Russian court of Ivan the Terrible, Saint-Germain is caught in the complex web of intrigue, and the emotional strife of his arranged marriage. (from the author's website)
  8. Better in the Dark
    Better in the DarkIt is A.D. 938, and the Count Saint-Germain has suffered a shipwreck along the northern coast of the German lands. Nearly dead, he is taken to the Saxon fortress town of Leosan, to be held for ransom or the pleasure of King Otto. There he falls in love with Lady Ranagonda, but disaster befalls them when the Christian priest accuses both the Count and Ranagonda of sorcery. (Ingram)
  9. Mansions of Darkness (I haven't read this one, yet)
    Mansions of DarknessBeginning in Peru, San Germanno becomes the lover of Acanna Tupac, one of the few remaining Incan nobility. When he falls under suspicion from the Church, he flees northward, finally arriving in Mexico where a terrible ordeal awaits him at the hands of the Dona Azul. (from the author's website)
  10. Writ in Blood (I haven't read this one, yet)
    Writ in BloodA prequel to TEMPTING FATE, WRIT IN BLOOD reveals Saint-Germain's role in Czar Nicholas' attempt to stop World War I from beginning. From Russia to England, Saint-Germain's diplomatic mission brings him into the tangled mass of political connivances, and gains him the love of the rebellious young artist, Rowena Saxon. (from the author's website)
  11. Blood Roses (I haven't read this one, yet)
    Blood RosesThe Comte de Saint-Germain is living in relative peace and prosperity in the village of Orgon in fourteenth-century France. He has won a grudging acceptance from the local populace, who are uneasy with his strange and foreign ways, but appreciative of his generosity. But a new threat has upset the precarious balance: Plague has come to France, and the people's fear turns to xenophobia. To avoid the scrutiny that could reveal his true nature, Saint-Germain must flee. However, his travels drive him deeper into the heart of the Black Death--and danger. (book description)
  12. Communion Blood (I haven't read this one, yet)
    Communion BloodSummoned to Rome by Niklos Aulirios, who is being sued for Olivia's estates, Saint-Germain enters into the cultural life of the Eternal City while doing his best to avoid the scrutiny of the ever-present Roman Inquisition. (from the author's website)
  13. Come Twilight (I haven't read this one, yet)
    Come TwilightCome Twilight begins in eastern Spain in the early 600s, when Saint-Germain makes a vampire of the headstrong Csimenae. In the next 140 years, as Spain is controlled first by the the Visigoths and then by Moors, Csimenae becomes a mother of vampires. Though he will regret it for centuries to come, Saint-Germain must act against her. (book description)
  14. A Feast in Exile (I haven't read this one, yet)
    A Feast in ExileA Feast in Exile draws readers back to the time when the Mongol hordes of Timur (known in the West as Tamerlane) swept across fourteenth-century India and Asia. Delhi's civilized veneer crumbles along with its walls. Foreigners, which the vampire Saint-Germain-here called Sanat Ji Mani-surely is, lose their positions, homes, wealth, and sometimes their lives, if they cannot escape the falling city.

    Before he can flee Delhi, Sanat Ji Mani must ensure the safety of Avasa Dani, his beautiful ward, who has been abandoned by her husband. Sanat Ji Mani's love has awakened Avasa Dani's every sense; even she will become a vampire upon her death, but she finds no terror in this fate.

    Avasa Dani and Rojire, Sanat Ji Mani's servant, successfully make their way out of Delhi, but Sanat Ji Mani himself is trapped. His life is bought by his skills with medicine, but, at Timur's command, he must travel-by day, and exposed to the sun-with the conqueror's army. Crippled and unable to escape, he knows that his vampire nature will soon be revealed, and then...

    Avasa Dani, with a worried Rojire at her side, considers her options as a woman without a visible male protector in a land and time ruled by men. While one of Sanat Ji Mani's allies searches desperately for the missing vampire, Saint-Germain and a young acrobat, with whom he has escaped from Timur's forces, make their slow and painful way to freedom. The journey changes them both forever. (book description)
  15. Night Blooming (I haven't read this one, yet)
    Night BloomingAt the forced invitation of 8th century Germanic king Karl-lo-Magne (Charlemagne), Hiermon Ragoczy de Santus Germainius, a dark and strange man rumored to have traveled to many far places, makes the dangerous journey to France. He is called to validate the authenticity of the king's newly purchased maps, but unbeknownst to Karl-lo-Magne, Ragoczy's knowledge stems from centuries of being chased from these countries, rather than traveling through them. Despite his longing for peace, he yields to Karl-lo-Magne. What he does not expect, though, is to meet the albino woman, Gynethe Mehaut, who shares his curse of solitude. Showing signs of stigmata, she seeks peace from the church. But when she is taken to Rome, accusations of witchcraft fly, and she is left with a difficult choice-one that even Ragoczy cannot deny. (book description)
  16. Midnight Harvest (I haven't read this one, yet)
    Midnight HarvestFrom the Chronicles of Saint-Germain comes Book 16 in the long-running vampire series which brings the Dark Prince to Calif- ornia during the Great Depression. Fleeing Spain at the beginning of their Civil War, the vampire Saint-Germain arrives in Calif-ornia to reunite with the older and wiser Rowena Saxon, who is considering following the Dark Prince into an eternal life. Meanwhile, Saint-Germain is unaware that a ruthless assassin is pursuing him--one of the most charming killers ever to grace the page: Cenere. Unbelievably smooth and utterly inhumane, Cenere has trailed Saint-Germain across oceans and continents, killing anyone in his way, including those under Saint-Germain's protection. But will Saint-Germain finally awaken to the danger that threatens him before all he loves is lost? (book description)
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