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Updated 12/31/98

Colin Greenland has a somewhat unique style in that he tends to act as if some of the discoveries made in the last century never happened, or were wrong. For example, in all three of the books I've read, the canals on Mars exist, and were made by ancient inhabitants of Mars. In Harm's Way, he goes one step further, and writes about a reality in which sailing ships are used to travel the space between planets, and hot air balloons go from Earth to the Moon. He also has steam trains with their tracks laid across the sky. It's really kind of fun. I loved the first two of these books I read, but both of those are out of print. I only finished Seasons of Plenty because I hate to read a book part of the way and stop, and I kept hoping it would get better. I'll probably read the next book in the series, since two of the three novels I've read so far by Greenland were very enjoyable, but I sure hope it's better than Seasons of Plenty.

Books I've Read by Colin Greenland

Harm's Way (out of print)
Sophie Farthing, an orphan who grew up on a space station, emerges from her repressed upbringing to embark on a perilous journey from Earth to the Moon and across Mars searching for the origin of her birth. (from an Amazor review)


  1. Take Back Plenty (out of print)
    A fast-moving space adventure featuring mysterious aliens, a journey to a de-populated planet, a mad run from space cops, a ship captain in trouble, and her AI (Artificially Intelligent) companion/ship's computer. (from an Amazor review)
  2. Seasons of Plenty
    In an attempt to escape the solar system, renegade space jockey Tabitha Jute and her crew of escaped criminal psychopaths direct their planet-sized starship toward the unexplored Proxima Centauri, but they are targeted by a hijacker. (from an Amazor review)
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