David Gerrold

Updated 12/31/98

Well, what can I say about Mr. Gerrold? Obviously, I enjoy his writing, or his name wouldn't appear here. The two series I have read books from were both fairly good. I started off with The War Against the Chtorr, which is about an alien invasion that seeks to totally conquer human kind and use us for a food supply, and what humans do to stop it. The Voyage of the Star Wolf is about humans in space, and follows the adventures of a particular space ship.

Books I've Read by David Gerrold

The Voyage of the Star Wolf

  1. The Middle of Nowhere
  2. Star Hunt

The War Against the Chtorr

  1. A Matter for Men (The War Against the Chtorr)
  2. A Day for Damnation
  3. A Rage for Revenge (out of print)
  4. A Season for Slaughter
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