Gordon R. Dickson

I know I have read other books by Dickson, but I can't remember the titles. I know I enjoyed all the books I read, though. I thoroughly enjoyed the books I have reviewed here. The Dorsai series is proving to be a really interesting read, and I look forward to reading the rest of the books in the series.

Books I've Read by Gordon R. Dickson

The Outposter (out of stock) or (out of stock) or (out of print) or (out of print)
(Yes, there are four versions of this book listed on Amazon, and none of them are currently available new, but you can buy used copies straight from Amazon.) Take one high-spirited little boy. Kill his family before his eyes. Allow him to escape. Give him time to grow up. You're in trouble. (from the back of the book)
Masters of Everon (out of print)
Jef Robini is sent to the planet Everon find out why all efforts to create a stable colony on the planet have failed and discovers the cat-like maolots, mysterious inhabitants of Everon. (from an Amazon.com review)

The Dorsai

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