Marion Zimmer Bradley

Updated Thursday, 18 October, 2012

Darkover. A planet accidentally colonized by Terrans. A planet with some fairly unique characteristics. There are a number of Darkover books, and I plan to read them all, eventually. I have enjoyed the ones I have read so far. The (chronologically, at least) first book in the series, Darkover Landfall, was pretty good, but I only gave it because of a few foibles (such as constantly acting like women are weak and can't do much physical labor). It was also too short (only 160 pages). But I did enjoy reading it, despite only giving it . And it's a good place to start with the series.

Books I've Read by Marion Zimmer Bradley

Tiger Burning Bright (with Mercedes Lackey and Andre Norton)
A priestess grandmother, a reigning queen mother, and a warrior princess daughter must use all their skill and strength in both open and secret battle to defeat an evil emperor and his truly odious, not to mention potent, sorcerous henchman. (from an Amazon review)


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