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I discovered Mark Shepherd by reading books he had written either with Mercedes Lackey, or in a Mercedes Lackey universe. I have enjoyed all the books he has written or contributed to.

Books I've Read by Mark Shepherd

Standalone Books

(Lammas Night is included because Mark wrote one of the short stories included in the book)
Lammas Night (Paperback edition) (short stories, created by Mercedes Lackey, edited by Josepha Sherman)
Lammas Night


In Lammas Night a young weaver of spells is persuaded to bide a while in a small village, to make their village spells and keep the Dark at bay. As part of their persuasion, the villagers have given her the house of her predecessor. Not knowing that his spirit lingers there, she unwittingly breaks the spell that laid him. Now, a half-seen phantom courts her. He is either her lover for all time, the only one she will ever know--or a wicked spirits' seeming, the aim of which is to entrap her in a fate unspeakable.

Will she call him to her or banish him forever? Now is the time of choosing, the Witching on Lammas Night. Magic Dark and Light are in perfect balance. She begins the casting of her spell . . . . (book description)

Bard's Tale Universe

  1. Castle of Deception (Mass Market Paperback) (by Mercedes Lackey and Josepha Sherman)
    Castle of Deception


    When young Kevin became a bard's apprentice, he thought that his new life would be filled with excitement and adventure; so when his new Master's first task for him is a perfectly ordinary manuscript copying errand to the castle of Count Volmar his disappointment knew no bounds. Why the Count was not even involved in Court politics!

    But when the Count's niece is kidnapped by elves and the Count asks for his help in recovering her, Kevin is convinced that the adventure he craves is at last at hand. What he cannot know is that the distressed damsel is not really Count Volmar's niece, that the abductors are not really elves--and that even the rescue is not what it appears to be! (book description)

  2. Fortress of Frost and Fire (Paperback edition) (by Mercedes Lackey and Ru Emerson)
    Fortress of Frost and Fire


    At least that's what all the other elves are telling the young human Gawaine about his master, the Dark Elf Naitachal. Of course Gawaine doesn't believe them; Naitachal has always treated him well and honorably, explaining that though he once was a necromancing Dark Elf, and still has the ebon skin of the breed, he long ago forsook all things black in order to become the first Elven Bard.

    But though Naitachal means every word he says, and though Gawaine has known all along that things might get a little uncomfortable for a human with a Dark Elf master, neither has guessed what temptations the future might hold: for Gawaine to forsake his master, and for Naitachal to go back to his old necromancing ways. (book description)

  3. Prison of Souls (Paperback edition) (by Mercedes Lackey and Mark Shepherd)
    Prison of Souls


    The hero of the first Bard's Tale novel, Castle of Deception, is now a very old man, but his mentor, the Dark Elf Naitachal, is still going strong and training new apprentices. His latest: the King's own son, Alaire.


    Alair is an apt pupil, but before he has had a chance to master the secrets of Bardic power, he and Naitachal are sent by the King on a dangerous diplomatic mission. The kingdom on King Reynard's northern border, Suinomen, has banned magic for years, and now is making preparations for war. Their job: find out why their previously peaceful neighbor is making war noises, discover what's behind it, and stop it.


    They cannot use their innate Bardic magic. Unlicensed use of magic in Suinomen earns the wielder a sentence in the Prison of Souls, a punishment which not only takes the magic user off the streets, but which eats away at a magic user's very life force . . . . (book description)

  4. The Chaos Gate (Paperback edition) (by Josepha Sherman)
    The Chaos Gate


    The Dark Elf Naitachal, once a Necromancer who gained power by depriving others of their life forces, is now happy in the more peaceful role of Bard. But shadows from his past linger. Naitachal's Dark Elf clan sees him as the worst of traitors for daring to turn towards the Light. They mean to take revenge.

    They create a trap, the Chaos Gate, a sorcerous portal that is meant to draw him into their hands and into their power.

    Only Kevin, once Naitachal's apprentice, now a full Bard and Count in his own castle, stands between the Dark Elf and certain doom. But can even the powers of Bardic Magic be enough to vanquish the Darkness? (book description)

  5. Escape From Roksamur (Paperback edition) (by Mark Shepherd)
    Escape From Roksamur


    Once again, instead of writing music, working spells, or training his apprentice, Bard Alaire is asked to turn his hand to diplomacy. Because he's the only man the king, his brother, can trust to investigate the death of the previous Ambassador, Alaire has been made Ambassador to the troubled kingdom of Suinomen. Once before Alaire was in Suinomen--and barely made it out alive from its Prison of Souls. Now he will face high seas, low magic, and kidnapping by giant spiders--and that's before he even gets there . . . . (book description)

Elves on the Road Universe

Bedlam's Bard (Reprint of Knight of Ghosts and Shadows and Summoned to Tourney) (by Mercedes Lackey and Ellen Guon)
  1. Knight of Ghosts and Shadows (by Mercedes Lackey and Ellen Guon)
    Eric Banyon, musician, is out playing the blues on his flute one day, but he couldn't have known that the desperate sadness of his music would free a young elven noble from the magical prison he has been languishing in for centuries--nor does he believe it!
  2. Summoned to Tourney (by Mercedes Lackey and Ellen Guon) (out of print)
    Elves in L.A.? When things get too hot there, they move north to San Francisco. But in their futuristic world, San Francisco is doomed to drop into the ocean The only hope lies with the humanlord--who must summon the soul-devouring Nightflyers.

Diana Tregarde Investigations

  1. Children of The Night (by Mercedes Lackey)
    Diana Tregarde finds unexpected danger in New York--a rock band of psi-vampires that feed on strong negative emotions--and soon this practicing witch allies herself with Andre LeBrel, a true vampire who intends to destroy this musical menace.
  2. Jinx High (by Mercedes Lackey) (publisher out of stock)
  3. Burning Water (by Mercedes Lackey)
    Something is stalking Dallas. First it attacked cattle, leaving bloody corpses. Now it is going after people. Detective Mark Valdez feels the evil surrounding the city and calls in a specialist, Diana Tregarde, a romance novelist and practicing witch. But will Diana be an avenging angel or a willing sacrifice?

The SERRAted Edge

King Aedham of Avalon

  1. Elvendude (by Mark Shepherd) (I haven't read this one yet)
    Sent to live in another world with altered memories so as to protect him from the evil forces that prey upon his father's kingdom, Prince Adam finds his life turned upside down when his true heritage catches up with him. (from an review)
  2. Spiritride (Mass Market Paperback) or (Paperback edition) (by Mark Shepherd)

    (book description)

  3. Spiritride (by Mark Shepherd)
    Randolf "Thorn" Wilson died a long time ago. But that doesn't stop him from riding his ghost Harley through the sky, trying to help other bikers. Now he's caught in a battle between an elven King and his skateboard-riding champion and a mad Prince of the Dark Elves and his demon drug-pusher. Also caught in the middle are two mortal bikers: Wolf, an ex-vet who's a mage-in-training, and Lucas Tatum, a criminal in training. It's up to Thorn to save the two without getting the tattered remnant of his spirit blasted to the four winds.... (from the back of the book)
  4. Lazerwarz (Paperback edition) (by Mark Shepherd)

    Dobie's ambitions didn't extend much past working fast food—until the Lazerwarz arena came to town. There he discovered the world of laser tag, and with it a warrior's persona he never knew he possessed. Then a goddess in disguise picks him up in a shiny red Corvette, and the fireworks really get started. (book description)

(Velgarth (Valdemar) is included because Mark wrote one of the short stories in Sword of Ice And Other Tales of Valdemar)

Velgarth (Valdemar) Universe

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