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Updated Thursday, 18 October, 2012

Update: The Bio of a Space Tyrant series has apparently been re-released, and is available at Amazon.com. The new version is quite expensive, though, so I would suggest buying a used copy instead if there is one available.

I have read a bunch of books by Piers Anthony. Of all of them, the ones that I would most recommend are the Bio of a Space Tyrant series and the Incarnations of Immortality series. Sadly, as far as I can tell, the entire Bio of a Space Tyrant series is no longer in print. The links to four of the five books below are all to out-of-print books that Amazon.com will try to find in used book stores. The same goes for the link to the whole series. They didn't even list Politician at all that I could find (see update above -- the series appears to be back in print, but the new versions are expensive). I was truly distressed to find that some of what I consider to be Anthony's best work is out of print, while all of the Xanth novels seem to be going strong. In fact, many of his best works are out of print. Apparently, people who would read his good stuff encounter Xanth first, and figure he has no talent, and the people who do buy the Xanth novels don't care for serious books. On the bright side, all of the Incarnations of Immortality are still available. The first number of Xanth novels I read were fun, but they went downhill after that. I stopped after Harpy Time because I just didn't like it, and didn't want to read another book like it. I enjoyed the Apprentice Adept series, as well as the Battle Circle trilogy. I liked the Kelvin of Rud series, the Mode trilogy, and a number of his non series books. But I have to say that many of the books I liked the best were the ones he wrote earlier in his career. In his more recent books, he seems to be trying to preach so hard that his writing is suffering for it. I don't mind an author presenting his point of view on a subject, or even trying to get others to see it the same way, but when it makes his writing significantly less enjoyable, I'm not going to bother.

Books I've Read by Piers Anthony

But What of Earth (publisher out of stock)
Battle Circle (out of print)
(This book is actually three books, Sos the Rpe, Var the Stick, and Neq the Sword. It is out of print, but if you can get ahold of a copy, it's well worth the effort.)

Firefly (out of print)
Hard Sell (publisher out of stock)
If I Pay Thee Not in Gold (with Mercedes Lackey) (out of print)
Killobyte (out of print)
Kirlian Quest (out of print)
Macroscope (out of print)
Mercycle or (out of print)
Mute (out of print)
Omnivore (out of print)
Orn (out of print)
Ox (out of print)
Pretender (publisher out of stock)
Prostho Plus
Pthor or (out of print)
Race Against Time
The Ring (with Robert E. Margroff)
Rings of Ice (out of print)
Shade of the Tree
Steppe (publisher out of stock) or (special order)
Tarot (out of print)
Tatham Mound (out of print)
Thousand Star (out of print)
Through the Ice (with Robert Kornwise)
Total Recall (out of print)
Triple Detente

Aprentice Adept

  1. Split Infinity
  2. Blue Adept
  3. Juxtaposition
  4. Out of Phase (out of print)
  5. Robot Adept (publisher out of stock)
  6. Unicorn Point
  7. Phaze Doubt (out of print)

Bio of a Space Tyrant

(out of print)
  1. Refugee or (out of print)
  2. Mercenary or (out of print)
  3. Politician or (out of print)
  4. Executive or (out of print)
  5. Statesman or (out of print)

Incarnations of Immortality

  1. On a Pale Horse
  2. Bearing an Hourglass
  3. With a Tangled Skein
  4. Wielding a Red Sword
  5. Being a Green Mother
  6. For Love of Evil
  7. And Eternity

Kelvin of Rud

  1. Dragon's Gold (with Robert E. Margroff)
  2. Serpent's Silver (with Robert E. Margroff)
  3. Chimaera's Copper (with Robert E. Margroff)
  4. Orc's Opal (with Robert E. Margroff) (and no, I don't know why just the last one is out of print)


  1. Virtual Mode
  2. Fractal Mode
  3. Chaos Mode


  1. A Spell for Chameleon
  2. The Source of Magic
  3. Castle Roogna
  4. Centaur Isle
  5. Ogre, Ogre
  6. Night Mare
  7. Dragon on a Pedestal
  8. Crewel Lye: A Caustic Yarn
  9. Golem in the Gears
  10. Vale of the Vole
  11. Heaven Cent
  12. Man from Mundania
  13. Isle of View
  14. Question Quest
  15. The Color of Her Panties
  16. Demons Don't Dream
  17. Harpy Time
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