S. Andrew Swann

So far, I have read most of two series (Forests of the Night and Hostile Takeover) by S. Andrew Swann (try saying that three times fast), as well as God's Dice. The only thing the two series and the single book have in common is that they were all written by a very tallented author. I really enjoyed all of these books. They had good plots, lots of suspense, and nice action.

Books I've Read by S. Andrew Swann

God's Dice
Unable to escape his recurring visions of a fantasy realm called Midland, psychologist Richard Brandon has begun doing research into past life regression by experimenting on himself. What he doesn't realize is that his tests are opening gateways between alternate worlds in which he leads quite different lives--and one thing that all the different Richards have in common is their dreams of this magical place. (from an Amazon.com review)

Forests of the Night

  1. Forests of the Night
    Set in Cleveland 100 years in the future, this debut novel is the story of Nohar Rajasthan, Private Eye, who's a moreau--descended from genetically manipulated tiger stock. Gifted with natural martial abilities, Nohar accepts a commission to investigate a human case--the death of the campaign manager of a powerful politico making a bid for the senate. (from an Amazon.com review)
  2. Emperors of the Twilight
    She was a top Agency operative, bioengineered for survival against impossi ble odds. But now someone had targeted her for termination at any cost. (from an Amazon.com review)
  3. Specters of the Dawn
    Angelica Lopez, a moreau descended from genetically altered rabbit stock, finds refuge from her tough street life as a waitress in San Francisco, until Byron the fox drags her into a lethal underground of information peddling and murder. (from an Amazon.com review)
  4. Fearful Symmetries: The Return of Nohar Rajasthan
    Nohar Rajasthan is a retired private eye and a moreau--a second-class humanoid citizen in a human world. He just wants to spend his remaining time in the peace and quiet of his wilderness homestead. Then a human lawyer asks him to take on a missing moreau case--and suddenly all hell breaks loose. (from an Amazon.com review)

Hostile Takeover

  1. Profiteer
    In the 24th century, the human race spans 84 worlds. All but one accept the rule of the Terran Confederacy. Welcome to Bakunin--you've entered a world of hardcore criminals, ruthless super-corporations and anarchy--a world where lawlessness means higher profit. Now the Confederacy wants a piece of the action. The enforcement branch of the Terran Confederacy, determined to take control of Bakunin, targets Dominic, the head of a successful business empire, and the man in charge of the takeover plots his own personal revenge. (from an Amazon.com review)
  2. Partisan
    This sequal to Profiteer returns readers to the 24th century universe at a time when humans have built a star spanning Confederacy that encompasses 84 worlds minus one--Bakunin. Now the Confederacy wants control of Bakunin. But Dominic Magnus has spent years building his own corporate empire there, and he and his allies intend to hold on to what they've built. (from an Amazon.com review)
  3. Revolutionary
    As the Terran Executive Command threatens a bloody takeover of the planet Bakunin, Dominic Magnus and his few surviving companions wage a desperate battle to save their world, unaware of a powerful ally at the very heart of the Confederacy of Planets. (from an Amazon.com review)
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