Updated January 26, 2006

Preying For Keeps Shadowrun is set on earth, a little ways into the future. Somehow or other, elves, trolls, goblins, orcs, dragons, and other mythical creatures have reentered the world as we know it. Magic works. So do computers. Shadowrunners are people who skirt along the edge of the law. I stumbled into the Shadowrun series completely by accident. I saw a book at the bookstore with a really cool looking cover, and decided to buy it. I didn't read it right away, because it appeared to be the 8th book in a series, and I wanted to find book number 1. Eventurally, I decided I didn't want to wait any longer, and read it. I loved it. Reading that book is how I discovered Mel Odom, who is now one of my favorite authors. He has another Shadowrun book, as well as a few books that are not part of the series, so I ordered them and read them. I loved them, too, as you've probably guessed from the statement that he's now one of my favorite authors. Eventually, I decided I should try some other Shadowrun books, since I enjoyed the two written by Mr. Odom so much. Well, I can happilly say that I have not yet been disappointed by a Shadowrun book.

Shadowrun Books I've Read

Jonathan E. Bond and Jak Koke

Nigel D. Findley

Mel Odom

Carl Sargent and Marc Gascoigne

Lisa Smedman

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