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Updated Saturday, 24 November, 2012

Harper sets the Tales of the Wolfwalkers on a world settled by humans who then lost most of their technology. One thing they do have, or at least some of them do have, is the ability to communicate telepathically with wolves. Something else some of them have is the ability to heal telepathically. The books are excellent reading, with adventure, intrigue, a little romance, and occasional technological gadgets sprinkled in for good measure. The Cat Tales are possibly set in the same "universe" as the Tales of the Wolfwalkers, but on a planet that is still in touch with the universe at large, and still in possession of a high level of technology. Also included is a possible explanation for the telepathy with animals found in the Tales of the Wolfwalkers. I highly recommend any book by this author, with the exception of Wolf’s Bane, which was okay, and worth reading, but not good enough for me to highly recommend it.

Books I've Read by TaraK. Harper

Lightwing (out of print)
Kiondili Wae considered herself lucky to land a job as a research assistant on Corson Station. And not just any job, but the project of her dreams: the development of a faster-than-light ship drive. Her special talents -- powerful telepathy and an uncanny flair for manipulating electromagnetic fields -- were particularly suited to the work at hand. And if the goal was reached, the federation of alien races that peopled the greater galaxy would finally accept humanity as a full member. But false accusations and misunderstandings plagued Kiondili from the moment of her arrival. Even the mental talents that had won her the job seemed to work against her, alienating her co-workers. Somehow she would have to show them -- that she could rise above it all, that she could fit in with the group, and most of all, that only she could make the FTL effort a success! (from an Amazon.com review)

Tales of the Wolfwalkers

Tales of Tsia and the Cats

  1. Cat Scratch Fever (out of print)
    Tsia had dreamed all her life of becoming a guide, attuned to her world through a telepathic gate to another lifeform. At last, she took the guide virus that would mutate her body to create the gate she so desperately craved. But the lifeform her body took was the one lifeform forbidden--the felines, who had scouted the planet for the First Droppers and, in exchange, been promised their freedom forever from human domination. By laws of the Guide Guild and the First-Landing Pact, she could never call to the cats, never speak with them, never approach them. But then capture and imprisonment, torture and slavery took the place of an empty future. Suddenly Tsia's only hope lay with her gate--and once she had touched the cats, there would be no turning back... (from an Amazon.com review)
  2. Cataract
    On Risthmus, the Landing Pact was law: felines were off limits. And for ten years Tsia, the rogue guide, had tried to honor that Pact and ignore the irresistible pull of her forbidden link to the cats. For ten years, she had hidden among the mercenaries. But now her latest mission was going awry. A crash landing was followed by one deadly mishap after another. The cougar cub Tsia had rescued from a storm refused to leave her -- even when she tried to send it away. Tsia could save the mission -- if she deliberately broke the Landing Pact to enter the mind of the cat and command his help. But if she was found out, punishment would be the loss of her biogate, her telepathic link with the felines. Her past was about to catch up with her, and only if she faced it -- and used it -- could she hope to forge a new future...with the cats! (from an Amazon.com review)
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