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Updated Monday, 06 January, 2014

I really like the Shannara series. I tried to read Magic Kingdom for Sale--Sold!, but for whatever reason, couldn't get into it (didn't even finish it, which is rare for me). But I loved every Shannara book I read. The first one I read was Elfstones of Shannara, and it's still my favorite. Reading that book, I felt like I was right there with the characters as they had their adventure. It was great! While the rest of the series didn't have quite as strong an effect on me, I thoroughly enjoyed all of them. For anybody who is reading them and trying to fit First King of Shannara into the timeline of the rest of the books, it takes place about 500 years before Sword of Shannara. However, it is probably best to read it after you read the others, so as not to let it give anything in the other books away. It is a very good book, and, in part, tells about the origin of the actual Sword of Shannara.

I was frustrated that I had been unable to get into Magic Kingdom for Sale--Sold!, so I decided to give it another try. The first time I tried to read it, I was in Junior High, after all, so I figured things might have changed. I am happy to report that they had. The second time I read it, I enjoyed it immensly. The funny thing is that when I read the second book in the same series (after I finished the first), I had a really hard time getting into it, too. But I stuck with it, and in the end, it was worth reading. I can now say that there is no book by Terry Brooks that I didn't enjoy. The only reason I think I had a problem with it the first time around was that I had something against books that dealt with people from reality as we know it being transported into another reality. I no longer have anything against such a happenstance, so I enjoyed it this time.

Books I've Read by Terry Brooks

Magic Kingdom of Landover

  1. Magic Kingdom For Sale--Sold!
    After Ben Holiday purchased Landover, he discovered the magic kingdom had some problems. The Barons refused to recognize a king and the peasants were without hope. To make matters worse, Ben learned that he had to duel to the death with the Iron Mask, the terrible lord of the demons--a duel which no human could hope to win.... (from an Amazon.com review)
  2. The Black Unicorn
    A year had passed since Ben Holiday bought the Magic Kingdon from the wizard, Meeks. But unbeknownst to him, he has been the victim of a trap by Meeks, who has succeeded in stealing the Paladin and appropriating his face. Suddenly none of Ben's friends know him, but all of his enemies do. He must win it all back again--only this time on his own! (from an Amazon.com review)
  3. Wizard At Large
    Questor Thews is only a semi-competent wizard, but when High Lord Ben Holiday and his love Willow need use of his powers, he tries to comply. He tries, all right, but he doesn't have all that much faith in himself--not since he turned a terrier into an imp. Still, he'll do what he can.... (from an Amazon.com review)
  4. The Tangle Box
    OH, WHAT A TANGLED WEB... Everything should have been quiet and pleasant for Ben Holiday, the former Chicago lawyer who became sovereign of the Magic Kingdom of Landover. But it wasn't.
    Horris Kew, conjurer, confidence-man, and trickster, had returned to Landover from Ben's own world. Alas, Horris had not returned of his own volition--he had been sent by the Gorse, a sorcerer of great evil, whom Horris had unwittingly freed from the magic Tangle Box, where it had long ago been imprisoned by the fairy folk. Now it had returned to enslave those who had once dared condemn it. But first, it would rid Landover of all who could stand in its way...
    Soon Ben found himself imprisoned within the gloom of the Tangle Box, lost in its mists and its labyrinthine ways. The only one who could free Ben from the Tangle Box was the lady Willow. But she had disappeared, was gone from Landover on a mysterious mission of her own.... (from an Amazon.com review)
  5. Witches' Brew
    For the fifth time, Brooks brings us Ben Holiday in the Magic Kingdom of Landover. Ben's daughter, Mistaya, is growing with supernatural speed, just in time to become the object of a kidnapping. The kidnappers are working for the hostile potentate Rydall, who is challenging Ben to seven contests, winner take all--" all" in this case being the Magic Kingdom. As usual, Ben and his comrades and allies are forced to use both sheer magical muscle and subtler ingenuity to come out with their skins whole. As usual, they succeed. (from an Amazon.com review)



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