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Updated July 21, 2006

I have read the books from three of Zahn's series. I enjoyed them all immensely. Zahn is credited with being possibly the best of all the Star Wars writers, and in comparison to the other Star Wars books I've read, I must heartily agree. His trilogy takes place after the battle of Endor, as the Rebel Alliance tries to defeat the Empire (the Emperor may be dead, but there are lots of loyal troops left, along with at least one very canny admiral). The Conquerors' Saga deals with humans as they encounter a new alien race that seems to shoot first and ask questions later. Cobra has men who have had their bodies heavily modified and reinforced on the inside, while remaining normal in appearance externally. Such features as bones that are extremely hard to break, lasers shooting from their fingertips, and great strength are just the start. Great stuff. I highly recommend all of Timothy Zahn's work.

Books I've Read by Timothy Zahn

The Icarus Hunt (Paperback) or (Hardcover edition)
The Icarus HuntJordan McKell has a problem with authority. Unfortunately for him, the iron-fisted authority of the powerful Patthaaunutth controls virtually every aspect of galactic shipping. In order to survive, Jordan ekes out a living dabbling in interstellar smuggling for outlaw concerns that represent the last vestiges of free trade in the galaxy. So when Jordan and his partner, Ixil--an alien with two ferret-like "outhunters" linked to his neural system--are hired by a mysterious gentleman to fly a ship and its special cargo to Earth, they jump at the job.

Caution has never been one of Jordan's strong suits. But this time he may have taken on more than even he can handle. The ship, Icarus, turns out to be a ramshackle hulk, the ragtag crew literally picked up off the street, and the cargo so secret, it's sealed in a special container that takes up most of the cramped and ill-designed ship. As if that weren't bad enough, it looks like the authorities already suspect something is afoot, there's a saboteur aboard, and the Icarus appears to be shaking apart at the seams.

It doesn't seem as if things could get any worse. That is, until a beautiful crew member helps McKell uncover the true nature of the cargo he's carrying. With his enemies closing in on the lumbering Icarus, the unknown saboteur still aboard, and authorities on Earth pressured to turn them in, McKell and Ixil become fugitives. Their only chance is to stay one step ahead of their pursuers as they try to make it home. (book description)

Star Wars

The Conquerors' Saga

  1. Conquerors' Pride (Mass Market Paperback)
    Conquerors' PrideA long era of peace and prosperity in the interstellar Commonwealth has suddenly come to an end. Four alien starships of unknown origin have attacked, without provocation, an eight-ship Peacemaker task force, utterly destroying it in six savage minutes. The authorities claim there were no survivors. But Lord Stewart Cavanaugh, a former member of Parliament, has learned through back channels that one man may have survived to be captured by the aliens: his son, Commander Pheylan Cavanaugh.

    A large-scale invasion appears imminent, and the strictest security measures are in effect . . . measures that Lord Cavanaugh has no choice but to defy. He recruits Adam Quinn, who once flew with the elite Copperheads--fighter pilots whose minds are literally one with their machines--to rescue his son. Quinn assembles a crack force of Copperheads to steal out of the Commonwealth security zone and snatch Pheylan Cavanaugh from the conquerors. Depending on the outcome, Quinn and his men will retum home as heroes or as the galaxy's most despised traitors--if they come home at all. (book description)
  2. Conquerors' Heritage (Paperback)
    Conquerors' HeritageThe Zhirrzh have won a temporary respite in their war with the barbarians. But the Human captive Pheylan Cavanaugh has escaped, and for that Thrr-gilag, the young Searcher, finds himself disgraced, his bond-engagement to a female of a rival clan imperilled. Soon he becomes a target of hidden and powerful forces seeking to remake Zhirrzh society in their own merciless image. His only hope is to prove that the overclan authorities are wrong: that it was not the Humans who started the war.

    But time is short. The forces of the Zhirrzh are overextended and face swift retaliation. The Zhirrzh have learned to conquer death itself -- but even that awesome power will be no match for the devastating might of the Human Conqueror armadas. Thrr-gilag soon comes to realize that his people face a two-fold threat: destruction by Human technology. . . or destruction from within. (book description)
  3. Conquerors' Legacy (Paperback)
    Conquerors' LegacyAs both humans and the alien Zhirrzh prepare for all-out galactic war, a handful of individuals from both sides are stunned to discover that the explosive catalyst for the impending battle is a misunderstanding both tragic and profound. Determined to avoid mutual extinction for both their races, this band now becomes the focus of the subtle and dangerous force whose goal it is to annihilate and destroy. (book description)
The Cobra Trilogy (Hardcover edition)
The Cobra TrilogySoldier . . .
The colony worlds Adirondack and Silvern fell to the Troft forces almost without a struggle. Outnumbered and on the defensive, Earth made a desperate decision. It would attack the aliens not from space, but on the ground—with forces the Trofts did not even suspect. Thus were created the Cobras, a guerilla force whose weapons were surgically implanted, invisible to the unsuspecting eye, yet undeniably deadly. But power brings temptation . . . and not all the Cobras could be trusted to fight for Earth alone. Jonny Moreau would learn the uses—and abuses—of his special abilities, and what it truly meant to be a Cobra.

Mercenary . . .
If anyone had told Jonny Moreau the Cobras would one day take orders from the alien Troft, he would have laughed without humor. He’d lost too many friends during the Troft war, though the Cobras triumphed in the end. Now, though, the Troft were trading partners—and they feared what might be a mutual danger: A new race, ruthless and tenacious, that threatened human space as well as Troft. And the offer was five new planets for the overcrowded Cobra worlds. Jonny’s son Justin would carry the Moreau name to danger . . . and learn that it takes more than a Cobra father to make a Cobra son.

Governor . . .
Corwin Moreau is governor of Aventine, but the fact that the Moreau family has held power for so long is beginning to generate bad feelings in the Cobra Worlds Council. But Corwin’s niece, Jasmine, faces the greatest challenge. Her only ambition is to become a Cobra—but no woman has ever been accepted to the Academy or ever will be, if her opponents have their way. Until a mission arises that demands her expertise, and requires that she be given the deadly Cobra implants. Because the enemy, too, knows that there are no female Cobras, and Jasmine can infiltrate without being suspected . . . she thinks. . . .

The Complete Cobra Generational Saga,
by the New York Times Best-Selling Author

(book description)
  1. Cobra (Mass Market Paperback)
    CobraThe Dominion of Man creates the COBRAS, an elite fighting force with superhuman abilities to help win the war against the Trofts, who have invaded and occupied two human worlds. When the war ends, the returning Cobras have difficulty reintegrating into mainstream society, and now face discrimination, fear and loathing from those they faught to protect. (book description)
  2. Cobra Strike (Paperback)
    Cobra Srike continues the story of Cobra Johnny Moreau and introduces Justin who has followed in his fathers footsteps and become a Cobra fighter. The Trofts, who were once enemies of the Dominion of Man, tell the Cobra Worlds of a potentially dangerous race and ask them to nutralize the threat in exchange for more worlds to colonize. A reconnaisance mission is sent to investigate this threat and is stunned to encounter a paranoid human society. (book description)
  3. Cobra Bargain (Mass Market Paperback)
    Cobra BargainThe story of the Johnny and Justin Moreau continues with Justin's daughter Jasmin becoming a Cobra and being sent on a covert mission to Qasama to investigate a suspicious building discovered from spy satellite photos. After a crash landing on the planet, Jasmine finds that she is the sole survivor and must find a way to survive and solve the mystery of the compound her mission was sent to investigate. (book description)
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