Welcome to vectornut.com! Thanks for stopping by. I hope you enjoy yourself while you're here. My name is Paul. I am very happily married to a beautiful woman named Adrienne, who I met at San Jose State's Ballroom Dance Club. Which brings up the topic of hobbies. My biggest hobbies are reading (mostly science fiction), playing on the computer, mountain biking, cars, music, movies, and dancing.

So how did I come up with a domain name like vectornut.com? Well, as I mentioned, one of my hobbies is cars, especially exotic cars. And my favorite exotic is the Vector. I fell in love with the Vector W2 the first time I saw pictures of it, in the December 1980 issue of Car & Driver. I was just about to turn 9 at the time. I still have that article, which, as a 9-year-old boy, I carefully removed from the magazine and taped together with Scotch tape. Too bad I didn't realize that over time, Scotch tape would get really messy, yellowed, brittle, and sticky. Oh, well, I have other articles and photos I've collected since then. So, my site's name reflects the fact that I'm nuts about Vector automobiles.

Site Updates:

My site is hosted by Elysium Gates, and I have to say, I'm very happy with their hosting. Here are a couple of webrings so that you can see some of the other Elysium Gates sites.

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